About me – Allen Claudius of Bowties and Bones and the circus inside his head

I am an introvert and attempt to socialize now that I am actively blogging. You know, you network to get work. I like music of all kinds. I enjoy mainstream pop like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande as much as I do music by the likes of Sandunes, BBC and Bonobo.


I am lazy, short tempered, have short term memory issues caused by a head butt to a bus. But I live. Oh, I was run over by a bus one time too. I like taking breaks, be it for long vacations, in between work, or in my gym attendance. I enjoy rum and coke in winter as much as beer in summer. I make sangria at home. I enjoy having a drink by myself. I enjoy coffee by myself at cafes. If I have company, even better.

I love bandra. I am extremely shy, camera conscious too which at times becomes an issue when I shoot for my blog. I am also lazy. I am physically stiff to the point that makes Sylvester Stallone look like Robin Williams. I enjoy making lame jokes. I enjoy it more when people laugh at it. I enjoy it most when they are frustrated with my long drawn logic to lame jokes.

I love dressing well, I love experimenting with style, I love retro chic, I love pieces in my wardrobe that have historical significance like Levis 501, Tissot Visodate, Nike Airmax, Adidas Gazelle, to name a few.


I love beef, I love street food like pani puri and anda pav (eggs in a bun). I love seekh kebabs. I love my beard. If I cared for the hair on my head as much as I do for my beard, I wouldn’t be balding now. I battle my weight issues because I love wearing clothes that look good on a fit body. But then again, I love food and beer way too much. The struggle is real.

I am insecure, unsure at times but then I get confidence like a bolt out of nowhere and then am good. I don’t follow trends. I maintain my signature style and that evolves with time. I have attention deficiency.


Am not tech savvy. At all!

Ever since I began my blog I work 7 days a week and don’t regret it because I love what I do. I love content over visuals in my blog. I don’t chase a thousand likes, I chase one like from someone who appreciates the content.

I love customization, in everything I can afford. Because that is when it is truly mine.

I hop from friend to friend. I don’t have a cohesive group of friends. I have one for each aspect of life. I compartmentalize everything, including relationships. I love watching movies in the theatre and never download because that is unfair to the efforts people put in to make them. I consciously don’t own a TV because life is too short to be spent in front of it. I love dogs. I love women. I love women who work out and are fit. I am not attached to my family although I love them to bits and can go any length for them. I look up to my brother. I look up to my mother. I appreciate what my father has done for me. I regret not being able to spend time with my nephew and niece as they grow. I hate that!


I have a larger than life social presence. I am extremely sensitive and moody. I get attached to people quick. I detach as easily when I hit saturation. I am a better friend to a woman than I am a boy friend. My girl friend, is hence short changed.

I am addicted to my phone.

I have attention deficiency.

I smoke because am bored. I also smoke because I think it makes me look bad.


I like promoting and facilitating people without them asking for it, when I see potential in what they do and think they deserve better. I think I might have a future in PR, without my social awkwardness.

I like stories of underdogs, because I consider myself one. I always am second best in whatever I do, if at all I am really good at it. I have never been the best. Hence, I do not know yet, what my true calling is. I am a sit down and chill out person more than a dancer.

I live beyond my means, I am neck deep in loan. I have tastes too expensive for my income. I am never satisfied. I guess that makes me greedy.


Am arrogant. Am contemplative. Am the man who doesn’t give a fuck, although he does.

I guess, in the end, I don’t really know who I am.

Shot by Ryan Photography and Abner Fernandes

Outfit Details
Tank and Chambray shirt – Bershka
Dark blue Shirt – Fishbone
Blazer – Van Heusen
Frames – Tom Ford
Bowtie – Felt Paper Scissors
Watch – Tissot



  1. You must be be twin brother from another mother Al! You sound like the male version of me!
    Congratulations on B&B turning a year old! It always is a great experience and I expect a party soon!
    Love and luck,
    Nilu Yuleena


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