Airplanes and Post Cards – The Quirk Box Gold Collection for Men

The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall – Orville Wright




Quirk Box is fun. I remember going online to shop at Quirk Box and not finding a lot of variants for men. I asked Rixi back then, on social media no less, when are you guys stocking up again?! And surely enough (I would like to think my plea had a role to play in it) the Quirk Box Gold collection was launched with interesting prints. The ones that caught my attention were the airplane shirts. In 2 print options (Colored and Outlined) these things caught my fancy quicker than Gabriella Demetriades did! Ok, maybe I exaggerate. Then there were these post card shorts. I should call this post a #throwback!



I went to town (quite literally) with these outfits. I tried some jump shots, some other shots that needed me to be quite flexible and ended up with a hamstring injury which had me enrolling for yoga. Ok, I exaggerate again.

These outfits are extremely light and comfortable. I shot in the peak of a summer day and they felt good on my skin. It is almost like this collection was made for me. So retro. So chic. So damn quirky! I teamed the outfits with Adidas Originals kicks.

I call this the Rixi Bhatia pose 😉


Check out their latest collection at Quirk Box.

Sunglasses by RayBan and American Optical
Watch by Tag Heuer
Shoes by Adidas Originals
Denims by Levis 501 CT (Custom Distressed)

Shot by Deepak Singh




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