TUMI Collaborates With Gaming Lifestyle Brand Razer On A Limited Edition Capsule

TUMI dropped a limited-edition capsule collection in collaboration with gaming lifestyle brand Razer. I got the carry-on luggage from that drop, just in time for my long-overdue break.

The one thing that stands out immediately in this capsule collection, is Razer’s signature green accents with TUMI’s identity at the centre of every piece in the collection. TUMI made sure they picked out their best selling (and fitting to this kind of a collaboration) silhouettes for their capsule with Razer.

Apart from the carry-on luggage, this collection included a Finch backpack, a laptop sleeve, and a Bozeman sling bag.

The carry-on I got is the International Expandable luggage, which is made with recyclable materials. What I love, is the USB port, that let’s me keep my devices charged when I am on the go. No more looking for plug points at the airport during those layovers. Full points for functionality!

Take a closer look at the detailed review on my YouTube Channel:

And not everything about this collaboration is product centric. There’s something about the details, that true gamers would identify with. I am referring to the number of pieces in this collection. Only 1337 units of each product were made. Now to any esports fan, this would be a familiar number. 1337 in the esports world, is the code used to signify the most elite players!

I got the TUMI | Razer Carry-on luggage right in time for my travels. The first flight I took, of course, was to Mangalore (the little town that I am from). And I do have some travels lined up for the next month or so, fingers crossed they materialize. If those travel plans come to fruition, you bet you’re going to see a lot of more of this luggage on my Instagram.

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Allen Claudius
Airport Outfit

Outfit Details:

Tee – Boss Man
Cargo Pants – Redesigned Human Uniform by Rhuigi
Sneakers – Yeezy QNTM

Let me know what you make of the collab in the comments.

Tumi Razer Collab, Carry On Luggage International 19
Love the personalized monogram, that TUMI offers on almost every product you buy from them! AC – Allen Claudius
Tumi Razer Collab, Carry On Luggage International 19
The TUMI Razer co-branded name tag

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