OOTD In Reebok Club C Mid II x Mountain Research Japan

I guess my romance with Club C was kindled by the Bape pair from Reebok. And continuing with that streak, I got my hands on (what to me feels like) an all-new Club C silhouette?

The pair in focus this time around, is the Reebok Classic Club C Mid II, made in collaboration with Mountain Research of Japan. This pair has (dare I say) subtle differences from a regular Club C that you find on shelves. And I think the differences aren’t all-that subtle for even a common person to notice. For instance, the one stand-out difference is the lace hood. Oh, right. That is as subtle as a bomb. Lol.

To kick things off, here’s a review of the pair from my YouTube channel:

The Reebok Club C x Mountain Research Mid II arrived in Mangalore along with the rains. I wanted to get some quick shots for the gram, but the incessant rains just wouldn’t allow it. The one time I thought it had stopped raining, I stepped out with my tripod. As soon as the self-timer was activated, down came the showers. And when I say showers, I mean a downpour.

Allen Claudius
Shot on a self-timer

Outfit Details
Watch – Omega Seamaster
Sweatshirt – Technical sweatshirt by Hector Bellerin
Tee – Wearables
Shorts – Amongst Few
Shoes – Reebok Classic Club C Mid II x Mountain Research

Reebok Club C Mid II X Mountain Research Japan
Quick Kick Check
Allen Claudius Indian Sneakerhead
When it rains, it pours.

I remember when the Instapump Fury was my favourite Reebok Classic silhouette of all time. That was until recently. Lately, I have been enjoying the simplicity of a clean pair of Club C kicks. I wanted to add the jjjjound or the Tyrell Winston pair to my rotation as well, but wasn’t able to get my hands on them.

Personally for me, I’d only rock this pair without the hood on. I think it has a much cleaner, nicer look as a regular Club C, with those sail laces and the Mountain Research logo on the tongue.

The second aspect that I quite liked about this pair, is that it has a “mid” ankle height. For me, perhaps the only complaint about Club C’s have been their slim silhouette. The increased ankle height gives it just that slight bit of bulk that I love. Which is why when I opened up the box and saw the pair, I instantly fell in love with it.

Reebok Club C Mid II X Mountain Research Japan
Tried replicating the campaign shot. Hah!

I have been gravitating a lot towards Reeboks lately, and I feel some of it has to do with the fact that almost everyone these days are rocking the same 2-3 silhouettes. You know the silhouettes that are enjoying mainstream popularity currently. Slipping on a pair of Reebok Club C’s breaks that monotony a fair bit.

What are your thoughts on the Reebok Club C Mid II? Would you rock them? Let me know in the comments.

All images shot using a self-timer on an iPhoneX.

Reebok Club C Mid II X Mountain Research Japan
The pair with the hood on!

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