adidas Made The 4D FWD2 Way Better With This Version!

The only pair of adidas 4D I have owned till date, is the Alphaedge. I really wanted to get myself a pair of the Ultra4D but did not have the means to.

Fast forward to August 2022, and I was blessed with a pair of the 4D FWD2 by the kind folks of adidas. I did not want to publish this piece, till I had actually worn the pair and put it to a fair test.

To kick things off, here’s an unboxing video of the pair from my YouTube channel:

The most obvious/stand out part of the adidas 4D FWD2 is obviously the 3D printed midsole. This time around, they ran through 5 million different designs before arriving at the final version. And you will notice when you put on the pair, that the midsole compresses forward. adidas claims this reduces braking forces, and transforms your impact energy into forward motion. 

I gotta tell you though, from personal experience, the ride is so much better on this model than earlier 4D pairs. The angled lattice midsole is well cushioned, and way more squishier than the earlier 4D models.

The pair now comes with a mix of engineered mesh (mudguard) and a Primeknit upper. They adapt well to the feet, and keep the upper as lightweight as it can be. The midsole though, owing to the resin and engineering is what makes the pair heavier than a normal running shoe. 

Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
3D printed lattice midsole on the adidas 4D FWD2
Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
I guess I am a heel striker!
Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
Rays of the morning sun, throw the lattice structure on the 3D printed Resin midsole.
Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
The adidas 4D FWD2 is a rather good looking sneaker on feet!
Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
Articulation on the adidas 4D FWD2

Something else that is new to the pair, is the Continental rubber outsole. This directly translates to better traction, and of course durability. Continental rubber outsoles have been standard issue on Ultraboosts since quite a while, if you didn’t know, and can take a beating.

Owing to the weight of the pair, I would think this is more inclined towards the lifestyle runner. Rather than someone like a marathon runner. It is, after all, a very good looking pair too – striking a balance between lifestyle/casual wear and casual running wear.

Let me know in the comments, what you make of the all-new adidas 4D FWD2

All images shot on self-timer by me, on a borrowed iPhone 12.
Unboxing video shot on iPhone X.

Allen Claudius
Run testing the all-new​ adidas 4D FWD 2

What I am wearing:

Tee: adidas Aeroready Freelift
Shorts: adidas Aeroready
Tights: adidas Techfit
Socks: adidas Running
Watch: G-shock

All the adidas products (except the socks) are made from recycled and/or sustainable materials.

Adidas 4d FWD 2 Running Shoes
I am getting kinda better with the self-timer shots, wouldn’t you say?

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