Create From Home – My Quarantine Series Of Self Portraits, Sneakers And Streetwear (Part 3)

Hey there, welcome back to the 3rd (and I really hope to God, the last) part of my Create From Home series. Most of these images were shot across May and June. And let me tell you, my Instagram feed began to turn into an account of this 1 corner of my living room. Lol. Let’s be honest, we all know, there is bound to be a part 4 most likely, with the way things are going in India. The curve has not been flattened and we haven’t hit our peak yet from what it appears is going to be a lot longer than we imagined.

And if I am honest, I hit a plateau in terms of ideas and inspiration. I wasn’t doing well as it is, on a personal level, having to deal with a loss of personal relationships and also living by myself with minimal actual human interaction. I was sad most days, cried a few times, low on energy and motivation. But I needed something to look forward to. Something to keep me distracted. So I could continue to stay alive. Not even happy, just alive.

Anyway, let’s first kick things off with a video from my YouTube Channel:

Take a look at the start of the series right here: Create From Home Part 1

The follow up can be seen right here: Create From Home Part 2

And now let’s jump into the images.

As I have already said in earlier posts, all of these images first made it to my Instagram account.

Sneaker photography using iPhone
Bought this pair so I could twin with bae but she decided to go back to her ex. So I am just here like, taking pictures of sneakers. Lol
Allen Claudius
I’ve gotten to the stage of drinking milk straight from the carton
Quarantine Shoot
Amongst Few X Shabab International
Quarantine Shoot
What’s on your to-read list?
Quarantine Shoot
Air Max 1 OG Anniversary
Quarantine Shoot
What my fridge sees, 10 times a day
Quarantine Shoot
Batman watching over NYC and Paris
Quarantine Shoot
Mango Season is the best
Quarantine Shoot
Fear of God Essentials Converse Chuck 70
Quarantine Shoot
Got these AirPods but nobody to talk to
Quarantine Shoot
What’s your monsoon beater?
Quarantine Shoot
Cozy vibes!
Quarantine Shoot
Pick your favourite shade
Quarantine Shoot
Air Jordan 3, 4, or 6?
Quarantine Shoot
Levi’s X Super Mario 501 shorts are the perfect length

Now that you have gone through the images, let me know in the comments. What did you like? What did you not? What can I do better the next time?

All of these images were shot by me. I obviously had to use a self-timer for self-portraits. Lol.

I used my beat-up iPhone X to do all the sneaker images. And I edit all my images using VSCO.

Having read all the way till here, you might as well subscribe to my YouTube Channel and follow me on Instagram. Hehe.


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