Create From Home – My Quarantine Series Of Self Portraits, Sneakers And Streetwear (Part 1)

When the lockdown began, I took it easy for a few days before I realized how serious this entire quarantine thing is. 2 weeks, extended to 1 month to what has now been an entire Quarter of me staying indoors.

I had just returned from Australia the day borders closed down in both countries. So, lucky me.

After the first couple of weeks went by, I realized, I shouldn’t be rehashing my old images. I should just create from home. Create at home, if you will. And that’s when I began initially with basic shots of my sneakers, taken on an iPhone X and edited on VSCO. But after a while, I realized that’s not going to be enough. Soon enough I would run out of sneakers or the images would end up being repetitive. That’s when I decided to begin documenting my outfits for when I stepped out for essentials. Like groceries, for instance.

Eventually, I just began getting dressed up to work from home. Lol. Hey, you know, you gotta keep trying out your outfits through Quarantine just to ensure that they still will fit you, when the lockdown is done.

To begin things, I actually did a quick styling video. This was based of the requests I would get in my DMs and also through comments.

Make sure to check it out on my YouTube Channel:

Now that with that out of the way, let’s go on to the pictures shall we?

Here are the images that I worked on as I created at home. Take a look, let me know what you make of them in the comments.

PS: All of these images first made it to my Instagram @bowtiesandbonesblog

Quarantine Shoot
The very first picture I took when the lockdown began
Quarantine Shoot
Got dressed up to buy groceries
Quarantine Shoot
Asics Gel Lyte III 30th Anniversary
Quarantine Shoot
Air Jordan 1 Shadow in B&W
Quarantine Shoot
Pick your favourite non OG colorway
Quarantine Shoot
Streetwear vibes for breakfast
Quarantine Shoot
Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan 1 with a free-range egg and marzipan chocolates for Easter
Quarantine Shoot
Went to buy some purified water!
Quarantine Shoot
Which shade of blue do you prefer?
Quarantine Shoot
Streetwear inspired Coffee Break
Quarantine Shoot
Air Jordan 4 Bred
Quarantine Shoot
Work from home, but make it fashun
Quarantine Shoot
Orange Vibes
Quarantine Shoot
Kanye would be proud
Quarantine Shoot
Missing road trips

Let me know in the comments what you made of the images. All of them were shot by me. The self-portraits were shot using a timer.

All the sneaker images were shot using an iPhone X.

All images edited using VSCO.

If you aren’t already, please make sure to follow me on Instagram – @bowtiesandbonesblog



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