Create From Home – My Quarantine Series Of Self Portraits, Sneakers And Streetwear (Part 2)

Carrying forward from Part 1 of the Create From Home series, I present to you, what is obviously Part 2.

As I began getting a hang of this creating at-home activity, I realized it was the only thing (apart from meals) that I would look forward to every single day. I set a schedule. I began waking up early, setting up the shots, doing a few tests, and then the final shot. Obviously, I would have created a mood board the previous day and already figured out what I would want to shoot. Based on that, once I had all my shots, I would fix me a quick coffee and sit down to edit the images.

I would ideally begin the first shot at around 8 AM and then have finished edits and dimension checks for upload by 10 AM. That is how I timed/clocked myself to ensure I did not waste time and also made the most of the available sunlight.

I captured my typical day under Quarantine in a vlog that went up on my YouTube Channel:

Make sure you check it out and leave me a thumbs up/comment. And if you haven’t already, please do subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Alright, without much further ado, let’s get into the images for this edition. Remember, these images went up on my Instagram first. So if you aren’t already, make sure to follow me there – @bowtiesandbonesblog

Quarantine Shoot
I usually am not this confident without shades
Quarantine Shoot
Air Force 1 Cocaine White
Quarantine Shoot
Spring Vibes
Quarantine Shoot
Jumpman or Nike Air
Quarantine Shoot
Wondering what pair to wear when the lockdown ends
Quarantine Shoot
Easily the best 700?
Quarantine Shoot
I actually think this is the best Yeezy by far
Quarantine Shoot
Air Jordan 1 Defiant Couture
Quarantine Shoot
I think I have consumed a whole lot of alcohol this summer
Quarantine Shoot
Catching up with The Last Dance on Netflix
Quarantine Shoot
Mango Season
Quarantine Shoot
The Sneaker Box Height Challenge
Quarantine Shoot
Bred Toe or Black Toe?
Quarantine Shoot
Probably the last of the hyped NMDs by Pharrell
Quarantine Shoot
Best of both worlds?

As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments. All of the images here, were shot by me. The self-portraits were shot using a timer, obviously. All the sneaker images were shot using my trusty old iPhone X. And all the images were edited using VSCO.

If you aren’t already, please give me a follow on my Instagram – @bowtiesandbonesblog


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