Tactical Outfit Wearing An Abhishek Paatni, Nought One Vest

I had the opportunity to catch up with Abhishek Paatni when I was in Delhi early February. I made the trip to the capital, thanks to the folks at Budweiser who had the BUDXStreet event going on at One Style Mile. It also gave me the opportunity to check out the EytysXHM launch party hosted by SSS Magazine. So, I guess shout-out to Mia for spotting my beers? Haha.

Watch the vlog of my trip to Delhi on my YouTube channel:

I have known Abhishek Paatni for about 4 years now. When I say I have known him, I really mean I have known “of” him. We used to bump into each other at Fashion Weeks on the regular. He’d be one of the few men in a smart outfit that would make it to my street style posts from back in the day when Fashion Weeks were cool. I have liked his work and have mentioned Nought One in a couple of interviews.

Gonna mention Huemn here, to catch the attention of Shyma and Pranav. Wink wink.

The reason I have mentioned Nought One in those conversations is because of the potential the label carries. Abhishek is an engineer by education. And his foray into the world of fashion was slow, yet certain. Before his first Gen Next show, I would always spot him in a well-tailored suit. But there would be something about that suit. For instance, it would be teamed with a well-tailored jogger. Or, if I remember right, the trouser had a jogger-like hem. Fast forward a couple of seasons (and a lot of hard work that he put in), the aesthetic of Nought One emerged.

If I were to sum up Nought One, it would be a mix of Streetwear elements with Techwear thrown in as the primary canvas. The utility jacket that I have on, comes with an integrated backpack. The trims and details are all developed in-house by the Atelier at Nought One.

Shout-out to Abhishek for making me this custom jacket! I never believed I could wear his outfits in a city like Bombay, but he proved me wrong.

The vest is made of a deep olive corduroy outer with mesh detailing on the sides. Faux leather pockets with perforation details and snap-fit clasps give it the utilitarian look. The backpack integrated into the back of the jacket is also constructed of Faux leather. Oversized drawstrings in a sports-jersey finish and chunky zippers complete the overall aesthetic of this custom made piece.

What I also loved was that pop of neon on the inside pocket with Nought One embroidered in a very Moster Energy Drinkesque font. Fun on the inside, while being all business on the outside.

What do you make of this tactical vest inspired jacket? Let me know in the comments?

Indian Streetwear Influencer

Allen Claudius

Indian Streetwear Influencer
When you think of all your life choices

Allen Claudius

Nought One Streetwear Techwear
Integrated backpack on the Nought One tactical vest

Outfit Details

Vest – Nought One by Abhishek Paatni
Watch – G Shock
Tee – Obey
Pants – Stone Island

Shot by Shravan Shetty for Bowties and Bones

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Follow Abhishek Paatni on Instagram

Nought One Streetwear Techwear

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