Reebok Sneakers That Don’t Look Like Your Regular Run Of The Mill Kicks

In this post, I run you through 3 Reebok Sneakers that are nothing like anything out in the market. Interestingly enough, these models are inspired by designs from their archive and existing models.

Sneaker 1: Reebok DMX Run 10 X Predator 

Unboxing and On Feet video of the Reebok DMX Run 10 to begin with.

Released during the 2018 Predator movie opening, the Reebok DMX Run 10 pays homage to what is perhaps one of my Top 10 movies of all time. Following a Jungle theme throughout the sneaker as a throwback to the first Predator movie setting, the sneaker features the words “Over here” and “Turn around” in the language of the alien on the insoles. This is something I wasn’t aware of when I unboxed the Reebok DMX Run 10 and only learned of later. There are also these coordinates sketched on the midsole in a sharpie-like font style.

The icing on the Reebok DMX Run 10 sneaker perhaps is the human spine hang tag, harking to the trophies the invading alien collected through the movies.

Reebok Run DMX 10 Predator
Jungle Vibes
Allen Claudius Sneakerhead
Collecting spines like trophies

Sneaker 2: Sole Fury

Unboxing and On Feet video of the Reebok Sole Fury to begin with.

The Reebok Sole Fury was touted as the sneaker that combines the functional training and streetwear aesthetics. The split cushioning is drawn from their heritage. Think, Instapump Fury. The sneakers are extremely lightweight and comfortable, with added flexibility.

The Reebok Sole Fury features 360 degrees of breathability, owing to the construction of the upper. This is also represented in the air flow pattern cut-outs on the box of the sneaker.

The upper of the Sole Fury is made of mesh and has 2 separate kinds of knit, that is split in the middle. Reebok claims that the Sole Fury is their lightest shoe ever made.

Allen Claudius

Reebok Core Fury

Sneaker 3: Op.Lite

Unboxing and On Feet video of the Reebok Classic Op.Lite to begin with.

Back in 1998, Reebok introduced the 3D Opus with split tooling. Fast forward to 2018, a whole 2 decades later, the 3D Op.Lite was launched.

The silhouette is very tech runner like. It reminded me of a Rick Owens aesthetic for some reason. The upper is a mix of various materials. There are nylon overlays, leather panels, and knit underlays which is a thing of beauty. Most sneakers these days come with either an all knit upper or a mix of mesh and leather uppers. The Reebok 3D Op.Lite would look perfect in a monochrome outfit that has techwear vibes. Guess I will need to wait for the onset of monsoon.

Reebok Classic Op.Lite
Tech Vibes
Reebok Classic Op.Lite
Carbon Fibre Plate and Reflective Hits on Leather and Knit Overlays

Let me know what you make of these Reebok sneakers. 2019 is touted to be the year Reebok Classic makes a come back and they are making big moves in that direction. What are your thoughts?

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