adidas Originals Sneakers That Are Brilliant On A Budget – POD, Yung 96, Continental 80

In this post, I help you pick out sneakers from adidas Originals that are 3 different/unique styles but could get your collection started on a budget. With a sneaker for each personality type/taste, we have the chunky sneaker, a minimal sneaker, and a tech-runneresque sneaker to wrap things up.

All of the below sneakers are available to buy online or from an adidas Originals outlet in your city, in a multitude of colorways.

Sneaker 1: Yung 96 (The Chunky Sneaker)

Unboxing video and on-feet of the adidas Originals Yung 96

A successor to the Yung-1, the Yung 96 from adidas Originals makes for quite the chunky sneaker. Although the Yung 96 rides the dad shoes wave, it comes in a much sleeker form. True to the retro vibe it attempts to project, the upper is made of mixed materials. You have nylon, suede, and neoprene layers.

Unlike the snug fit you are used to, on adidas Originals, the Yung 96 is quite roomy. So you don’t need to go up a size or whatever. If you have been looking to add a chunky sneaker to your wardrobe, then the Yung 96 should do the job without offending your friends’ “fashun” sensibilities.

Priced at USD 100 / INR 8,599

Adidas Yung 96
Distressed but cozy

Adidas Yung 96

Sneaker 2: Continental 80 (The Minimal and Clean Sneaker)

Unboxing video and on-feet of the adidas Originals Continental 80

A very unassuming and simple sneaker, but with so much potential! Part of the Yung Series by adidas Originals, the Continental 80 does not bear the Yung monicker or prefix. It instead rides on its own strengths. Clean lines, minimal in design aesthetics and leather so soft, it makes you wonder why you don’t see it more often on sneakers.

At first look, the Continental 80 reminded me of the adidas Originals Powerphase. Back then, a Yeezy exclusive under the Calabasas name, the Powerphase is now a sneaker widely available as a General Release.

The sneaker is so clean, it needed a hit of racing stripes like piping to give it a bit of a contrast. I don’t think I have liked a minimal sneaker as much in the recent past, as I have the adidas Originals Continental 80.

Priced at USD 80 / INR 7,999

Indian Sneakerhead
Soft like butter

Adidas Originals Continental 80

Sneaker 3: POD (The Tech Runner Sneaker)

Unboxing video and on-feet of the adidas Originals POD

The adidas Originals POD has always caught my attention for its interesting silhouette. Deriving its name from the pod-like “boost” unit it hosts at the heel, the comfort levels on these sneakers are on the same level as a functional boost shoe. Owing to the fact that your heels take the maximum impact, of course. A plastic shank wraps up the mid-foot/arch of the sneaker, providing stability. The forefoot sits atop a regular EVA sole that balances out the ride.

For me, personally, the highlight of the POD was the Ultraboost 1.0 kind of upper mesh pattern. The latest variants have a circular knit that improves the comfort on this pair that adds to the appeal.

Priced at USD 160 / INR 12,999

Allen Claudius
The POD Version 2 with that classic primeknit pattern from the Ultraboost 1.0
Adidas Originals POD System Sneakers
That Ultraboost toe box though!

Shot by Shravan Shetty for Bowties and Bones

Indian Sneakerhead


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