My Top 5 Sneaker Pick-Ups Of 2018 – Do You Agree With My Ranking?

In this post, I run you through what made it to my list of Top 5 sneakers in 2018. These, of course, are purely based on what I could get my hands on. There were quite a few sneakers I missed out on like the Levi’s Air Jordan 4 and the Air Jordan 1 Court Purple, for instance.

Check out the video and take a look at my list. Let me know what you make of the ranking. Leave a comment to let me know if you would rank them any different.

Here is a quick run through of the Top 5 sneakers I picked up in 2018 from my YouTube Channel:

Honorary Mention:

Air Jordan 1 Shadow: The most versatile pair for me, the Air Jordan 1 Shadow has got a whole lot of wear time in 2018. The reason they are easy to wear is the minimal color blocking. They go with every single outfit I own. Which is why they got as much time on feet. And the quality of leather on these, is butter!

Allen Claudius

The ones that didn’t make the cut but came quite close:

8. Undefeated Ultraboost: A whole bunch of people slept on these. I think they were still sitting on websites as recently as December. But no regrets on yet another clean and minimal pair from the Undefeated collab range. The primary reason I picked these, is for the 1.0 throwback toebox pattern. And the text pops just the right amount.

Stone Island Cargo Shorts Pants

7. Bred Toe Air Jordan 1: I remember when the Bred Toe was teased I didn’t want to get them. To me, I already had the Bred pair so these didn’t make sense. But the more I saw them, the more I fell in love. Also seen quite often on my feet when I am in my cargo pants.

Air Jordan 1 Chicago Bred Toe

6. Acronym Presto Dynamic Yellow: Have been a big fan of the Acronym Presto from their first drop. I even tried to get my friend to bring back a pair all those years ago, but alas. Finally got my hands on this Dynamic Yellow pair, along with the Grey. Decided to skip on the Racer Pink pair but now I feel I should have got them. Lol. Typical.

Selfish India at SoleDXB
Murad Cargo Pants

The actual countdown:

5. Pharrell Williams Holi Hu NMD: Although this pair isn’t comfortable for long wear time, owing to the sharp and clunky trail sole, I love the fact that Indian culture was represented on a capitalistic product. Lol. No, but seriously, Pharrell Williams himself was in India for the drop and handed over the pair to me. He also signed the box for me in Hindi.

Indian Streetwear Influencer
Got them trail shoes, now gotta start the hiking.

4. Acronym Air Force 1: Although this pair dropped in December 2017, I only managed to get my hands on them in early 2018. I think my most favorite Air Force 1 ever and I has seen a lot of wear. I just hope I can find another pair for cheap, to stock for later.

Acronym Air Force 1
The right amount of pop in the outfit

3. Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan 1: When the Nigel Jordan 1 was announced, I was pretty certain I would land me a pair easy. I was of the assumption that like the Aleali May pair, this too would take time to gather hype. I was so wrong. Lol. Fortunately for me though, through a weird stroke of justice, I won the raffle at Foot District about 2 days after the drop. Got them shipped to me and I wore them the most this holiday season because they team well with my Levi’s Cargo pants.

Nigel Sylvester Air Jordan 1

2. Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner: Was honestly not a fan of these kicks till I began seeing on-feet images of them on the ‘gram. Ever since, I waited for the worldwide release to happen. Little did I know it would be an entire year and I would rather have picked it up from Yeezy Supply when they still were rare. But no regrets, since this year I am closer to being a Dad than I was in 2017.

Stone Island Cargo Pants

1. Nike React Element 87: Surprised? Maybe not because everyone has been talking about the React Element 87 being the sneaker of the year. But I sure as fuck am. For the last 2 years I have adhered to this strict rule of only buying sneakers that are exclusives and that I would never pick up a GR no matter how hot the release. And I did pretty well for myself till I saw the React Element during my trip to Hong Kong in the last quarter of 2018. I loved them so much, I even went down half a size because it was the only pair left.

Indian Sneakerhead Allen Claudius

So that is my list of top sneaker pick-ups in 2018.

You can check out my sneaker unboxing playlist below. There are about 110 videos in all.


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