Old City, New Vibes – More Streetwear Fits from across 2 days in Old and New Dubai

Streetwear Fits is a segment that focusses on introducing you to brands that are an integral part of the culture. Varying from the ones you hear a lot about (Supreme, Bape) to the underdogs and success stories (Places + Faces).

I spent a couple of days across the Old City of Dubai and perhaps as much (if not more) time in the new parts of the Emirate. And when you are on the streets, it only makes sense to be kitted out in Streetwear!

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Amongst Few Dubai Rocafella

Amongst Few Dubai Rocafella

Amongst Few Dubai Rocafella

Amongst Few Dubai Rocafella
Samir Rana Style Spy Images
Chunky or minimal?

Perhaps the one complaint I have always got is that my “style” isn’t fancy enough. The point of my personal style has never been to follow trends. Nor has it been about “faking” it. So you aren’t going to see me in a suit on every second social media post and then see me in real-life wearing Crocs (unless I am walking my dog, Scratch). Nor am I gonna endorse Nike and adidas, and the buy sneakers from random brands on e-comm portals.

My style has always been functional. What I wear to the movies, on my holiday, with my friends, to the bar/cafe, is what I wear on my Instagram posts. Because isn’t that what a blogger was supposed to stand for? Personal style documentation? But a lot of people (and I can respect they do it for the money) have dual personas. One for social media where they will endorse anything that will bring in the moolah regardless of their personal preferences (or the lack of it) and the other for reality.

Instead of the latest gadgets, I would rather have sneakers that send a message about my taste in music, where I hang out, and who my friends are.

Places + Faces
Stay in your lane
Places Plus Faces Dubai
Always on the ‘gram
Bowties and Bones Travels
Another vacation picture, this time in Dubai
Supreme Arabic Hoodie

Supreme Arabic Hoodie

Supreme Arabic Hoodie
When you spot the DHL Van!

Bowties and Bones Travels

Supreme Arabic Hoodie

What is the point I am trying to make from all of this? The images you see here, are mostly candid shots by the photographer as we all were hanging out and chilling during my trip to Dubai. The outfits I got on, are the same outfits that went up on Instagram a few weeks prior to this. Yes, they might be “boring” and not “dapper” or “trendy” but they are functional as f!

Walking through the streets of Old Dubai or chilling at modern architectural delights like City Walk in New Dubai, my outfits transcend class and/or occassion. And that, my dear reader is called Style. Not me trying to dress like someone else, neither is it blindly following trends. And what it isn’t, most certainly, is a social media facade.

So if you follow me on Instagram expect me to be nothing but 100% with you folks.

My Outfit

Tees – Amongst Few X Rocafella 
Cargo Pants – Stone Island
Joggers – XBYO from adidas Originals
Hoodie – Supreme Arabic
Sunglasses – Off White C/O Virgil Abloh
Bum Bag – Supreme
Sneakers – Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas and Air Force 1 x Rocafella Records

You might like the streetwear fit, where I teamed Stone Island Shorts with the adidas Yeezy and a designer shirt from Anuj Bhutani.

Places Plus Faces Dubai
Amongst Few, Dubai
Places Plus Faces Dubai
Shelf surfing at Concepts Dubai
Concepts Dubai
Manoj helping make a decision
Air Max 97 Skepta
Trying on the Air Max 97 Skepta at Concepts Dubai

Shot by Shyju for Bowties and Bones

Amongst Few Cafe, Dubai
Chilling with the bestie. The Dubai getaway is already blurry in my head.

Places Plus Faces Dubai

Places Plus Faces Dubai


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