Converse All Star Chuck Taylor II

I have always loved the Converse Chuck Taylor and when the Chuck Taylor II was launched, I just had to get my hands on them.

Bowties and Bones Allen Claudius

Converse are perhaps the only kicks (arguably so are Vans) that look good when they are beaten up. That is quite a thing, when the rest of the sneakers need cleaning and upkeep. I remember looking all over Bombay and much of Bangalore city for a basic pair of high tops in August’15 but the Converse retail stores seem to have dwindled down to less than a handful. I finally managed to get my hands on a blue pair of the classics, although I wanted to get the black ones.

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When the Chuck II launched, I saw reviews of it online and requested Sheral who was traveling through Germany at the time, to pick up a pair for me from Footlocker. Can you imagine it? A sneaker almost 100 years old that had remained untouched for all of this time. The first ever re-issue of the classic balling shoe. And Converse did a bloody amazing job with it. They kept the changes simple and to the point and yet the sneaker feels like an all new model.

Bowties and Bones Allen Claudius

The upgrades on the new version of the All Star’s.

  • The canvas upper is a lot more sturdier and feels plush in comparison to the classic
  • The Converse All Star badge is not a rubber stamp, it is sewn on
  • No black pin striping across the midsole
  • A perforated micro suede lining that improves breathability
  • Lace eyelets are matte and of the same colour as the sneaker
  • The tongue now comes cushioned and with elasticated bands that avoid slip
  • The most critical and important upgrade is the lime green Lunarlon in-sole from Nike (who owns Converse since 2003) that has improved the quality of walk in these sneakers by miles.

Here is a detailed review video of the Converse All Star Chuck Taylor II.

And here is how the new kicks compare with the classic version that is still sold.


I have owned this sneaker for nearly a year now. And I can tell you this, Converse has done a bloody amazing job with it.

I own both, the classic and the 2, All Stars and wear them quite frequently. In fact, Converse All Stars are my favourite sneaker of all time. They signify, to me, the hustle and struggle of life. Because as I hustled my way to where I am, the only pair of shoes I owned were the All Stars that my brother had got me.

Bowties and Bones Allen Claudius

The difference in the ride is remarkable. I wore both sneakers back to back on 2 days and did the exact same things. Whilst you might not feel the difference when you slip your feet into the Chuck 2’s, how your feet feel at the end of the day will be a testament to the improvements. The classic Chucks leave your heel and toes hurting at the end of the day due to the lack of cushioning whereas the Chuck 2’s make your feet feel like they have been in a pair of running shoes all day – comfy.

The All Star is perhaps the first pair of sneakers that was acceptable to be worn outside of sport. And with the onslaught of rather cool sneakers with the burgeoning sneaker culture, it only makes sense for Converse to be part of the game they kicked off.

The Converse All Star is a classic and with this reboot, they have strengthened their place in the sneaker game.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

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Converse All Star Chuck Taylor 2



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