The World’s First Smart Shirt From Arrow – Tap The Cuff

Arrow launched the World’s first ever smart shirt with an NFC enabled chip. It enables a range of digital actions with a mere tap of the cuff (that is where the chip has been embedded).

Arrow Smart Shirt #TapTheCuff

The chip can be programmed with the Arrow Smart Shirt app to pick which function you would use the most on any given day. Sharing your business card, opening your Facebook/LinkedIn profile, launching your favourite app and playing your favourite track with just a tap of the cuff are some of the main features amongst a host of others.

Here is a quick demo of your favourite track being played.

I don’t always wear a smart shirt. But when I do, I choose to style it unconventionally.

For my first look, which is also my favourite, I chose to style the shirt with cargo shorts and sneakers. That is my signature style all year long, except during the harsh winters which is rarely a thing in India. I think the shirt blended in well with the casual look, primarily because of its fit. The Smart Shirt is made of 100% cotton in a slim fit.

Arrow Smart Shirt #TapTheCuff

Levi's Trucker Jacket

For my second look, I threw on a denim jacket and put on some pants with chelsea boots. The shirt was in familiar territory.

I know some of you will be concerned with laundering this garment. Well, I got good news folks. You can wash and iron this Smart Shirt, like you would any of your other clothes. It has been tested extensively in their labs and this shirt is pretty much a regular piece of clothing in terms of maintenance.

The Arrow Smart Shirt is quite an interesting piece of clothing. Imagine yourself at a bar and you are talking to this attractive lady and it all comes down to exchanging numbers. Can you imagine the “swag” quotient when you tap your cuff to share your details with her? Could literally be the deal sealer you know? Take that to the next level. You both are going out for a drive and you have this one super romantic track you want to cue for when you are closer to dropping her off. You won’t have to jog through the play list to find it. Just discreetly tap your cuff and voila! You have made it a step closer to the goodnight kiss. Haha.

Or for that matter you are out meeting people and networking for work. Can you imagine the impression you make when you share your business card by tapping your phone on your cuff? That is bound to leave a lasting impression in the minds of the people you interact with.

Not to forget, an excellent conversation hook!

I picked out the white shirt from the entire range, because Arrow is synonymous with the White Shirt legacy. You cannot go wrong with it. The fit is slim, so unless you have an athletic build, I would recommend staying true to size or going up a size.

Michael Kors Chelsea Boots
Slipping into my Dameriino Chelsea Boots

You can buy the Arrow Smart Shirt from the following link.

Outfit Details

Trousers : Tailored
Boots : Dameriino
Shorts : H&M
Snapback : New Era
Wrist Watch : Michael Kors
Sneakers : Nike Air Force 1
Sunglasses : RayBan Wayfarer and Clubmaster
Denim Jacket : Levi’s
Pocket Square : Zodiac

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Levi's Trucker Jacket

Shot by Jagath Venkat and edited by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Arrow Smart Shirt #TapTheCuff


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