Titan Eye Plus Frames : FLIP – One Frame, Several Styles

Introducing Titan Eye Plus FLIP frames. You can now own more than 1 pair of spectacles, with just one frame! Doesn’t matter if you are Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde really as long as you got these frames. Read on to know more.

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
When you are done with work and want to brighten things up! Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames.

We all have a rather active lifestyle. Regardless of work life balance, we spend considerable amounts of time at work, at cafes, at the bar or on getaways. And when our outfits at all of these places change, the one thing that remains a constant is the spectacle frame. Now, it would be rather stupid to buy 5 different pairs of specs and wear them according to the occasion. Worse still, imagine going to a destination wedding of your close bud! How many frames would you carry? Considering there is a formal wedding ceremony, casual bachelor party, time with the family, chilling at the beach, etc. The answer – a lot more than you can care to carry or keep track of!

Now, what if I told you that with just the one frame you could FLIP over the style of your specs with interchangeable temples? With 8 front and 20 temple options, this is exactly what Titan Eye Plus set out to do with their FLIP collection.

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames

I had a fun time with these frames. For instance when I had to meet a client for lunch and then friends for a couple of early evening beers right after. I had the one frame temple (houndstooth design) matching my pocket square that the client noticed and we had a brief conversation around matching stuff. I am not one for paying a lot of attention at matching stuff the traditional way. But when I got these frames and saw the opportunity, I jumped right in. It isn’t everyday that you could get your frames to be dynamic so why skip when you can flip! I know, I have a future in rapping, as long as I am succeeding Lil Wayne or Desiigner.

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
Denim on Denim with houndstooth detailing on the temples of my Titan Eye Plus FLIP and my pocket square.

When I was done with the meeting, I ditched the jacket and switched over the temples to something a lot more easy and bright before I caught up with my friends! Then there was a road trip that I do at least once a month. I was going all black errthang and so did the frames. And while at work, I could get all serious with the muted colour options that they come with.


Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
I flipped over the temples on my frames when I went out to meet my friends.

There are bright coloured temples like orange for instance that would be at home at the track meet or when playing a low impact sport.

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
When you feel like Livewire!

If you are the preppy types, they have a range of textured temples in color options like navy blue, dark grey and black. You could suit up and be all preppy in them.

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
Moving from a 9-5 to a night out with friends.

The bottomline is, that regardless of your personality type(s), you will never feel out of place with your spectacles when you switch to FLIP. You can go from board room to bar counter, coffee to beer by the beach and whatever else that life throws your way, without looking like you are as interesting as the 50 Shades of Grey novel is to men!

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames
I love flatlays!

With the Titan Eye Plus FLIP frames, you can be every “you” in every outfit and occasion! Was that cheesy? Aaaah, you know what I mean.

Go on and pick your style of the Titan Eye Plus FLIP here.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

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Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames

Titan Eye Plus Flip Frames

Go on, FLIP your style!


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