Nike Air Presto Triple White Sneakers – Tees For Your Feet

We take a closer look at the Nike Sportswear Air Presto Triple White.

The Nike Air Presto was a massive hit when it was released back in 2000. The reasons for this was the fact that it was big on comfort, unique in design and could be thrown into a washing machine and laundered. Just like your t-shirt! And with the emergence of the sock like design that sneaker brands have been beating for the last 2 years, it only made sense the Presto made a comeback.

Nike Air Presto Triple White
The Nike Air Presto Triple White

Nike Air Presto Triple White

The Triple White Air Presto is quite the looker. It is minimal in design and lightweight. This is no ordinary lifestyle sneaker, it is used in performance sports as well and is an example of how Nike always works at developing top notch running shoes.

Nike Air Presto Triple White
I have always been a rebel!
Nike Air Presto Triple White
Nike Air Presto so light weight, makes jumping mandatory!

Nike tinkered (see what I did there? Heh) with a lot of material options to build the sneaker. One of the options being neoprene (because it is stretchy and cushioned), they junked the idea because of it’s heat retention. Eventually, the team at Nike discovered a material called Spacer Mesh. Besides being stretchable and breathable, the fabric was used widely in the medical industry. The rest, as we all know, is history.

Sizing on the Air Presto can get a little tricky because of the way it is built. I wear a size 8 UK and this pair felt a lot roomier than the, say for instance, Air Max sneakers I own. It perhaps has to do with the mesh upper. I like a snug fit in shoes, I prefer they grasp my rather broad feet tightly which is why I would have gone down half a size. But staying true to size on these runners is the best idea for people who like to wear their shoes easy. It is extremely comfortable, I should say this again.

Nike Air Presto Triple White

Nike Air Presto Triple White
The stretchy mesh upper is perfectly suited for people with broad feet.

As for the name of the shoe, it was christened from over 300 crowd sourced entries. The name chosen, Presto, was because of the shoe’s perfect fit. The entry said that it was almost like a magician snapped his finger and said “Presto”!

The only challenge I see with these shoes, is keeping it clean. Being in a country like India, where brown shoes get browner, a triple white colorway is a nightmare. Also the fact that the mesh upper has an in-betweener which means stuff could get lodged in the gaps which would be a pain in the wrong place, to get out! I layered the pair with a protectant spray from Vetro Power, which is based in India. For now, it helps me fend off spills from soda, oil and spices which are predominant ingredients in whatever I consume. Talk about needing a dietary consultant huh?

You can cop these kicks right now in India at Nike‘s flagship stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The Air Presto triple white has been dropped in a very limited number so you’d better rush. No raffles here. You find your size and the shoes are yours. To buy.

If your size (or luck) ran out on the Triple White Presto, you can scroll through Nike‘s range here. They have a couple of pairs of Darwin’s and Kaishi’s that look kinda sorta like the Air Presto.

Outfit Deets:
Longline Tee – Zara
Denims – Levi’s 501 CT
Watch – GShock

Shot by Jagath Venkat for Bowties and Bones.

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Nike Air Presto Triple White
The Nike Air Presto is very comfy sneaker, with its Duralon sole and light weight.
Nike Air Presto Triple White
You can tell how white the Air Presto is, by looking at my “white” G Shock!


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