How do you value time, over money? Giving it some thought with the Diesel Ironside.

Time. We all have a different interpretation of it. And how we choose to spend it, charts the path our life takes. As i strapped on the Diesel Ironside, I gave the concept of time some thinking.

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Spend time on people and you build strong relationships. Be it your family or friends, for that matter even your colleagues. Spend time on building yourself up, physically and mentally and you have a healthy (perhaps fit) body and a strong mind, full of knowledge. Spend time on work, your projects and deliverables and you excel at what you do which should eventually bring you professional growth and promotions. With that, money. Spend time in building, improving and fine-tuning your interests and hobbies and you attain the life of dreams – getting paid to do what you love.

But time, is a limited resource. You cannot possibly spend the same amount of time on all activities. At least, I have not figured out how to. You need to choose where you spend it and ultimately what it is that you want from life. It is not like you can make time come to a standstill.

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Outfit from above

Which brings us to the critical question – What is time worth, to you?

I will use the life of a blogger as perspective. If a brand asks you to feature them and offers you INR 1,000 you would immediately decline it. You know, there are costs of maintaining your website, conceptualising a shoot, hiring a photographer to shoot and edit the images, spending your time on the shoot and then developing the content. You cannot (and should not) be accepting that low a fee and that is only common sense. Alternatively, if the brand offers you INR 1,00,000 you would lap it up right away. This is a no-brainer only because the value being offered to your time is at opposite ends of the spectrum. But life is seldom that easy, is that not right?

The life we live and existence as we know it, is spent primarily in the grey area. Where there is no clear distinction of time and it’s value. For instance, I am writing this on a weekend. My choices are:

  1. Do I spend my day off working on my online magazine?
  2. Maybe I spend my time watching a movie with family, grabbing a drink and chilling with friends?
  3. Should I instead go on a road-trip or perhaps a quick weekend getaway?
  4. Shall I do some chores like laundry and grocery shopping?
  5. Or let me just continue to sleep.

Fossil Wristwatches

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Decisions like these are something we take several times in a day. But we don’t give it much thought. We don’t assign it a value and go through the motions depending on how we “feel”. The people who have mastered it, on the other hand, have my respect. Knowing what their time is worth and spending it logically. As for me, I am just here doing all of this verbal and mental masturbation trying to sound deep. I don’t spend my time wisely. I lose track of it. I squander it away, staring at my phone and scrolling endlessly through random social media posts. But putting this article together has made me think. Reconsider. Something inside my head has clicked. It is about time I began to value time.

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

OOTD Lookbook Men Al Claudius

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

You can spend time attending seminars, reading self-help books, etc on Time Management. But unless you make a conscious decision, nothing is going to help. Not even owning a fancy watch.

Shot by Cazz Head for Bowties and Bones

Watch by – Diesel Ironsidewith a wide band and high tech elements that make it stand out, for more than just its bold design. The design element is very masculine and make it unmistakably noticeable on your wrist.

Green Hill Garment Coffee Shop

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches

Diesel Ironside Wristwatches



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