The Arrow 4-in-1 Shirt

The Arrow 4-in-1 Shirt, all a man at a corporate job needs if he is (or any of his colleagues for that matter are) clumsy!

So apparently this shirt is wrinkle, odour, stain and UV resistant! I decided to put it to the test. I must say, the shirt held up quite well.

If our phones and watches are smart, I don’t see why our shirts can’t be.

Arrow Formal Shirts 4-in-1

Formal Blue Shirts

Arrow Office Wear Shirts Blue
When you don’t know how to knot a tie to the right length!

Formal Office Wear Shirts Arrow

Arrow Formal Shirts

Outfit from above

Bowties and Bones

Shot by Jagath Venkat for Bowties and Bones

Outfit Deets:

Shirt – Arrow
Trousers – Tailor Made
Shoes – Oxfords
Belt – UCB
Necktie – Bowford
Glares – RayBan Clubmaster
Watch – Tissot

Here is a fun video of how to handle a tricky situation when someone flings a drink at you, for being an a-hole!


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