How to keep your cool during Spring/Summer in denims – Lee Jade Fusion

I suffer from the age old Johnny Bravo syndrome. In an attempt to make my beer gut look a lot less significant, I focus on my shoulder and arms whilst at the gym. And that is once a month, that I bother pulling out my compression gear to hit the weights at the gym. Whilst common sense would dictate I focus on my legs and back. But more on that some other day.

Back to what I was talking about. Keeping your cool in Summer. Now, anyone with a bit of (un)common sense would tell you to stick to pastels and shorts in summer. Me, I think following is for sheep. Also, I don’t wear shorts as often as I should because of the aforementioned self-inflicted skinny legs condition. Although there is no taking away the benefits of wearing light colors, I like being a little unconventional whenever I can.


And what did it for me was when Lee launched their Jade Fusion denims.

Jade Fusion is this new revolutionary denim. They’ve been crafted specially for the Summers is what am made to understand. Can you imagine? Denims and Summer in the same sentence?


I also looked at how they were put together. Quite interesting, because these denims are made with permanently infused jade yarn (made from fragments of real jade) which helps in temperature regulation. So in extreme heat, this denim is guaranteed to keep your skin fresh and cool. Its Lightweight Vapour Transmission technology helps the denims breathe easy and pushes the sweat to the surface, helping you stay dry round the clock. To add to all of those cooling benefits, these denims stretch.







Model : Nimish Honavar
Denims : Lee Jade Fusion
Tee : Lee Urban Rider
Linen Shirt : Lee
Shoes : Converse and Zara
Sunglasses : American Optical
Camera Bag : Viari


Since I hadn’t seen the insides of a gym nor allowed my feet to hit tarmac in the last 3 months, I asked my size zero doppelganger to step in for this shoot. We shot when the sun was scorching to put these denims to the test. They held up pretty well. You can see the harshness of the sun in the images, that was intentional. What good is it, to wear summer friendly denims during the early hours of the day when it is pleasant!

When the temperatures continue to soar, I would recommend you try on these Lee denims. While you pick them up at the store, you will realize how they are relatively cooler to the touch than the rest of the denims there. And because they are made so light, they will instantly feel comfortable when you try them on.

After all, sweating in summer should be an option and not a choice!

Shot by Deepak Singh

This is a sponsored post



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  1. […] These denims are made with permanently infused jade yarn (made from fragments of real jade) which helps in temperature regulation. That means, when it gets extremely hot this denim is guaranteed to keep your skin fresh and cool. Not bad huh? To top it off, it also manages the moisture from perspiration much better than regular denims. The lighter fabric and its custom designed loom make it easier in pushing sweat to the surface, leaving you dry and comfortable, round the clock. I even did a trial shoot in the noon when the Sun was at its harshest best. You can read that post here. […]


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