New Jade Fusion Denims by Lee – Keeps you cool despite the ruthless sun

When I was in college and wanted to fit in with the “cool” crowd I harassed my folks. I needed branded denims. Well back then, I didn’t know better so don’t be quick to judge. Lee was among the first pair of branded anythings that I owned. I owned carpenters, cargos, denims, chinos, the works all by Lee. In fact, the carpenters and cargos are safely tucked away in my family home back in Mangalore along with my first ever pair of denims in size 28! Can you beat that? I was a size 28!!!

IMG_0639 copy

IMG_0613 copy

Since then, getting into the corporate world, I have switched to trousers and double cuff shirts. Not that am complaining. But denims make for 1/10th of my wardrobe. Well, not anymore. I have decided to get out of the corporate world, having spent 9 years.  Hence began my hunt for a range of different denims I could sport every single day of my life on break.

IMG_0505 copy

One such pair that made its way into my wardrobe, the Jade Fusion denims by Lee. They’ve been crafted specially for the summers is what am made to understand. I picked up a pair for myself because you know how marketing works and must say they are quite comfortable.


These denims are made with permanently infused jade yarn (made from fragments of real jade) which helps in temperature regulation. That means, when it gets extremely hot this denim is guaranteed to keep your skin fresh and cool. Not bad huh? To top it off, it also manages the moisture from perspiration much better than regular denims. The lighter fabric and its custom designed loom make it easier in pushing sweat to the surface, leaving you dry and comfortable, round the clock. I even did a trial shoot in the noon when the Sun was at its harshest best. You can read that post here.

IMG_0498 copy

IMG_0637 copy

Now comes the best part, for men like me who don’t have that typical mannequin type body! These denims stretch, which allows you to be comfortable no matter what you do – ride a bike, skate a board, the works.

I wore them out recently for a brunch with friends and we sat out in the open, sipping on our sangria. I was the only one who wasn’t in pastels and guess what? Didn’t feel the heat!


So go on, grab a pair when the sun is still up and hell bent on dehydrating you. And make sure you have plenty of coconut water to keep your body cool. The Jade Fusion denims will do the rest!

Shot by Tamara Anand for Bowties and Bones

Denims – Jade Fusion by Lee
Neon Polo – Lee
Donut Sprinkles Tee – Forever 21 Men
Sneakers on AlAdidas Originals Gazelle OG and Gazelle Outdoors from Mainline Menswear along with Nike Air Max 360
Sneakers on NimishConverse

Location : Hoppipola at Lower Parel, Todi Mills

A bit of background on the location. Hoppipola means “Jumping into puddles” and intend to evoke memories of childhood days gone by. Not that I drank Sangria growing up but hey, it brings out the child in me.

They have fun board games, large screen projectors, tissue holders with chalk and table tops made of slates. They even had these fun aero-planes suspended from the ceiling. Interesting books to read and beer drinking competitions make this quite an attraction for the strong gutted men like me. And it doesn’t stop there.

Cheese fries as shot by Kapil Shingada

The food is quite interesting. I thought the portions looked small, to be entirely honest, being the glutton that I am. But what do you know? The food is so rich and delicious, it was all I could do to wipe my plate clean.

Perfect for that noon/early evening hook up with buds!

IMG_0545 copy



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