Sunglasses to sport, this Spring Summer 2015 – The Eyecatchers of Titan Glares

Definition – A striking object that attracts attention.

tab-2105 Lately, I have found myself speaking a lot about how times have changed. Do you remember the life your parents lived? Most middle class families were content with working their 5 and half days, coming home with no TV to watch, no phone calls to make or internet to browse through. Make babies, go to Church once a week, go to the beach once a month. I mean, forget about society and food/entertainment options. I am talking about life in general. The 80s kids had to deal with an archaic education system with the only 2 options of engineering and medicine being the outcome. Artists were seldom encouraged. The education system was content with churning out working-class nobodies.

tab-1988 What about the people who wanted to break away? I consciously seek out individuals like me. Stuck in between 2 ideologies, growing up. Eager to carve out an identity for themselves and not follow the herd.


One such person I love catching up with – Namita Gautham of Take a Bow.

tab-2007 She reminds me of the time when I knew what I wanted and didn’t allow my future to dictate it. I lived in the present. You know what happens when you live your life the way you deem fit, doing what you love? You know what happens when you stop caring about what the society has to say, because you realize that doesn’t pay your bills? You inspire people to live happy lives. Because you are constantly in their circle of curiosity.

The black and blue wayfarer with fading lens had the best of both worlds. Retro yet very modern!

Because you dared defy society and go all out in being yourself. Grow a beard, get a tattoo, get a bunch of tattoos, wear a crop top for breakfast at 7 AM, wear boots in summer, wear a bow tie to a corporate job, wear sneakers with your chinos, speak your mind, date someone you think is a total misfit, be a couple whose style is poles apart.

tab-2103 You can never tell, who is watching. You don’t care who is watching. If you gave a damn, you would probably turn to catch all those eyes on you. But then again, you always knew that was coming. My first ever “grown up” watch was a Titan. Over the years, they have been synonymous with making great time-pieces and not just churning out watches but putting heart into what they do. Speaks volumes when the world’s slimmest watch at one point was made by them. And now, they are breaking big into the sunglasses market. And what great timing! With temperatures soaring and the sun being its harshest in all these years, their aptly named Glares do a damn good job at helping you cut through rays and maintain your cool. The best part? They are priced as smart as they look. Your eyes deserve some good old fashioned loving. Protect them. My personal favorite? The red mirror lens modified wayfarer with carbon fibre temples.

These glares were my favorite pick of the lot.

Sunglasses exclusively from Titan Glares

Photographs by Sindhur Reddy

On Namita : Top by Koovs
Joggers by Miss Bennett London on
Boots by Zara
Rings by and

On Al :


Shirt by United Colors of Benetton
Chinos by Tommy Hilfiger
Kicks by Nike Air Max 90
Slim leather belt by Zara
Bowtie by Kirimoo
Skull bauble by Blur Designs
Watch by Tissot Visodate PR516 Racing
Socks by Jack and Jones Originals
Livestrong band by Nike
Green hand crafted made to order leather bracelet from a flea market in Istanbul

This is a sponsored post



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