How to wear denim on denim and own the look!

Remember the 2001 American Music Awards? Bet you don’t. Remember the Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, head to toe Denim on Denim look from that year? Sure as hell you do! But it wasn’t as much how they wore it than what they wore. Rodeo anyone?

A lot has changed since. The Denim on Denim look that was once a faux pas now is followed across the style spectrum. With a lot of celebrities, fashion bloggers and street style enthusiasts styling differently, the double denim look got a shot in the arm.

IMG_0015 copy

How to own it!

The primary mistake of pairing denims, is picking the same weight and wash for both pieces. Knowing your body type is half the battle won. Remember that lighter shades tend to draw attention to the part of the body they cover whilst darker shades have the slimming effect.


Mixing is best. Going head to toe in the same wash is tricky. But it isn’t just about the wash, the weight also matters. Wearing a light weight chambray shirt on denims of the same/similar shade look good due to the varying weight of fabric. You can check out my post on the light on heavy denim look that I did earlier. And my attempt at teaming different shades of denim.

IMG_0025 copy


You can dress it down by combining distressed denims with sneakers/deck shoes or dress it up with deep blue denims and oxfords/brogues or boots.

We tried to push the limit and introduced a forth denim element – The Bowtie!
Model Himanshu wears 3 different shades and washes of denim. Now that is how you work it!
With a wash like the one on this shirt, it only made sense to dig deep into my vintage trunk and pull out this hand-wound HMT wrist watch!
STUPID IS BRAVE – Trying on 4 denim elements in one look!

Wardrobe : Diesel SS 2015

Model : Himanshu Singh

Photographer : Deepak Singh


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