If you are smart enough, you won’t be stupid! – Diesel Spring Summer 2015

I am pretty sure you can recall the Diesel print campaign on Smart and Stupid? If you lived anywhere near civilization, there is no way you could have missed those “Look-at-me” and ballsy hoardings. So when Diesel approached me for a collaboration, I thought to myself “Why not go all out for this one?!”

Stupid might fail. Smart didn’t even try. – Diesel 2014 Campaign


I got together with up-and-coming fashion photographer Deepak Singh and model Himanshu Singh and we played it by ear. We all had our ideas, it had to be a studio shoot because this was something we were trying for the first time (except Himanshu of course) and it had to be crazy.


Giving the ladies who hash tag “Long hair, don’t care” a run for their money since 2013


IMG_0456 (1)
Big and Audacious hair on our model Himanshu Singh





A misfit of a tee on Stupid!
I have a beard. Now where would you like my wood? – Said no lumberjack ever! But we wish they did.
Ladies, you touch my beard and I feel your butt!

The results I thought are quite fun. It was fun when we shot but I gotta admit I was pretty stressed. See am quite the camera shy guy and it takes a zillion shots to get one right. On the other hand, when Himanshu was being shot, I just stood there with my jaw on the floor because he was so fluidic and such a natural. I was mighty impressed with the output. But then again, that could be just me and I will know soon enough about what my readers make of it.

Nonetheless, the fact remains, we might fail but at least we tried!

Wardrobe : Diesel SS 2015
Photographer : Deepak Singh
Model : Himanshu Singh


Excuse me miss, but my eyes are up here!
I may not hit the gym frequently but my beard lifts… Skirts!

IMG_0284 (1)


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