Places to eat at in Delhi – Gurgaon – The Hills

And we are back with the next edition of Munchies by one of our favorite ladies – Samiya! 10632585_10154544998775417_8268975728713172848_n I must admit, I have never been to the capital or thereabouts. So this is me living the experience through the gastronomical eyes of this fabulous lady. Read on and burp at ease. Munchies Now I’ve only moved to the capital recently and this is one big ass city, this NCR. I haven’t yet tried out most of the places but Uberfacts should know wine shops shut down at 10 pm in Delhi so Gurgaon zindabad. Lord knows how I love the naaenty emel da paeg banaa (make me a large one) attitude. Delhi well, is basically just HauzKhas Village to me (I want my Bandra in Dilli), Raasta, Kaffeine, Faarsi etc. Naya Burger Manhattan Crafts brewery (Gurgaon) for the standup and the wheat’s, Naya at Anya Hotels & Resorts (Gurgaon) for the juicy Chicken and Bacon Burger and that deliciously succulent silk curry of a Nalli Korma. 1374839_10154674188470417_8783173313398738290_n And because Delhi leads me to the hills so easily, I’ve become a convert. If you are around try Fat Plate Café in Naggar, Manali for that delicious freshly caught Trout. Shamshuddin Dhaba in Dehradun for the father of all Nehari’s and Bade ka keema, here is the stairway to Jannat. Ask, @quickdraw46, he knows. So yes, if you’re in any of these cities for a bit or long and ever pass by these places, stop and enjoy. Until more trips such as these. IMG_20140809_143648 Samiya is a #GhettoMiyanbhai that swears by Bacon, Beer and Branding. Born, brought up in Bandra, she is a true corporate swearing daredevil, and hasn’t lived to complain a day. She don’t sing and dance in the bathroom, she does it in public, whether you like it or not. 10320270_10154697063345417_3843420383222265856_n


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