Terms of Brand Associations and Affiliations – Disclaimer

The owners and editors of Bowties and Bones reserve the right to use affiliate programs and brand associations to generate income needed to keep the blog running and active.

If we accept merchandise to review them without charging, we retain the right to be absolutely honest (brutally so) and are not obliged to provide favourable reviews. Nor do we keep free samples if it’s possible or expected to send them back. We do this so that we can stay as independent in our opinion as possible. However, whenever there is an opportunity to earn some coin, we realize it would be a good call to cash in on it. Which is why a promotion/post or a giveaway on the blog/social media might be charged and will be clearly marked for readers to ascertain. And these sponsored posts are not guaranteed a spot on our social media forever. They might be taken down eventually on completion of a reasonable duration of time. i.e., end of season or with just time passing by. Nothing lasts forever, except the Twilight love story and you know how much people hate it.

Having said that, our opinions are purely based on our experiences. We will not be accountable for your direct experiences with the brands, services or products we recommend.

Brand Associations and Affiliations
Affiliations and Associations allow brands to track where they get their website traffic or business from. At times that could help Bowties and Bones generate a couple of bucks.

We do not have a set list of affiliates and it would vary over time depending on how they perceive value liaising with us. Does this mean they can influence (or worse still control) what we put up on the site? No way! Would we say we don’t like what a specific affiliate puts out on the market, if it doesn’t meet our expectations? You can count on it!

We intend to be as transparent as we possibly can be, keeping our opinions free of bias or money influx. After all, we have well paying jobs to take care of the latter.

The team at Bowties and Bones consider themselves to be honest, straightforward folks. Folks who consider themselves a stylish lot who can help direct you towards the right style choices. We wouldn’t push irrelevant recommendations your way to make money.

Because if we try to sell you a load of crap, you will stop taking what we say seriously. Which means you would stop visiting us. And that, dear readers, defeats the purpose of why we began in the first place!

The Bowties and Bones Team




  1. Good to see some one who works of similar ideologies.Either be honest or just don’t write if you don’t like. BTW get back to your natural colour now..hahahaha…cheers keep up the good work.

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  2. The pictures are perfect and the words that describe the pictures are witty. Really like your blog and I do appriciate all the effort put in to make it look as awesome as it does. Each post, both words and pictues have been put together brilliantly. A fan of your work. Cheers!

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