Meet Tannis Gregory – The Khaleesi Of Our Times

Main Squeeze : The girl/woman you’ll always have strong,intimate feelings for. No matter what. The person that gives you unimaginable drive to do whatever you set your mind to. Who makes you unbelievably happy and makes your butterflies’ butterflies’ have butterflies. – Urban Dictionary


So if Urban Dictionary is to be believed, Tannis Gregory is everything a man would ever dream of. And if that wasn’t enough, she closely resembles Daenerys Targaryen from the famed Game of Thrones series everybody is raving about these days.


Being a student of Business and Marketing in Minneapolis, this painter/sculptor is on her way to setting up her own boutique in New York. To add to her repertoire she runs and lifts in her spare time and does yoga (Kill me already)!

PicsArt_1405488791658_1In an interview with Tannis, we discovered that simple compliments worked best instead of cheesy pick up lines. Which is why the elaborate introduction. I mean, what do you expect when this fine lady loves swimming at night in Summers and curling under a blanket watching a movie in the Winters? No pick up line is going to work here, no sir!


B&B : What is the weirdest pick up line you have ever been subjected to?
Tannis : “Tannis… Isn’t that an herb? Not a bad tasting one either…” 😉

B&B : What kind of a man would you most probably be interested in?
Tannis : I have a few different types, one would be a man who can surf that has some crazy hair, the second would be a man with tattoos who can still look classy, and the last would be a man in a suit. Now if I could find a man with tattoos under his suit that surfs on weekends, I would probably marry him.


B&B : What is your take on men’s fashion?
Tannis : I appreciate men who are confident enough to dress well, and I mean prim and proper. When I see such men, they definitely stand out in an incredible way!

B&B : Beards or Clean-shaven?
Tannis : I’m all about that 5 o’clock shadow. (She mildly broke my heart right there)


B&B : What would you wear on an evening out to the bar with friends?
Tannis : Something that is sexy, but not too revealing. What fun is that?

B&B : One wardrobe staple you cannot do without?
Tannis : My go-to pair of denims.


B&B : Before we let you go, what is the one piece in a man’s wardrobe that you think is important?
Tannis : A REALLY nice pair of shoes that are well maintained.

PicsArt_1409539207472_1So there you go guys, we promised you gorgeous women on the blog and we delivered. You can follow Tannis on Instagram : @downtownblonde

This is one standard that is going to be hard for us to beat. But you know we never disappoint!

Go on, let u know what you made of our very first issue of “Main Squeeze” in our comments section.



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