Limited Edition Hand-Crafted Christmas goodies by Felt Paper Scissors, Postcard People with Bowties and Bones : Christmas Special

Not so long ago, when I was high on pot and dancing my feet off at a music festival, I bumped into this stall at the flea market. They had the most precious and quirky merchandise I had seen lately.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Meredith Willson

coming up_1 copy
Hand-crafted packaging as well!

It was Felt Paper Scissors, the brainchild of Dhaara Kumar. Inspired by her little one, Meher, she started making wonderfully whimsical hair accessories. It was only recently that she added products like necklaces and brooches which garnered a lot of appreciation from people who saw them. Including, yours truly. And it was easy to see why, with the love that had gone into making each of them.

Opposites attract : The hot Gingerbread Man with the cool Frosty.

I promptly popped the idea of doing a special Christmas collection that would be a limited edition for Bowties and Bones. After all, what better way to spread some Christmas cheer. Am sure it was a lot of hard work, when I look at the finished products now. It is evident, the effort and love that has gone into putting this together considering Dhaara is quite the busy mom. Every limited-edition Bowties and Bones brooch comes adorned with an, errr, bowtie.

Rudolph took a break from guiding Santa’s Sleigh

But she didn’t stop there. Dhaara went behind the scenes and got in touch with the Postcard People. Initiated by Tosha, Poorva and Pavithra almost a year ago, their idea was to revive the culture of sending out postcards to loved ones. You know the touch and feel of paper and spending some time writing on them, rather than clicking the mouse to send out a message?

Dhaara Kumar of Felt Paper Scissors

So now, with every limited edition hand-crafted brooch comes a one-of-a-kind sketched post card!

Hand-sketched individually by the Postcard People

They look so amazingly cute, it is all I can do to not keep them all for myself. But then, I am not the Grinch!

The Santa Brooch before the Bowtie went on him.

If you would like to place an order for one (or more) of these limited edition brooches, you may get in touch with us on or PS: The last day to place your order is the 18th of December 2014, considering the time that it would take to craft each of them individually.



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