The Reluctant Hero – Arrow’s Autumn/Winter Collection Review

We are all ordinary. We are all boring. We are all spectacular. We are all shy. We are all bold. We are all heroes. We are all helpless. It just depends on the day. – Brad Meltzer

The finish of the suede on the jacket is smoother than ice cream. Jacket and Chinos : Arrow Sport; Shirt : Arrow NY; Watch : Model’s own

I will be entirely honest. For me, Arrow as a brand wasn’t doing anything substantial lately. That could purely be my personal perception but one I had nonetheless. It has been a while, quite a while to be precise, since I stepped into their store to pick something up for my wardrobe. But all of that was about to change.

Picking out outfits, for The Reluctant Hero to wear, at the Arrow Life 1851 store in Bandra, Mumbai.

I met with Alex Cherian, the Brand Manager for Arrow when I went to check out their Autumn Winter collection. He walked me through the collection and what I saw, pleasantly surprised me. The way they used color blocking and geometry impressed me. The designer elaborated on the influence drawn from Bauhaus, an art school from the Art Deco era. If you look up the Bauhaus, you will see its strong influence in art, architecture, graphic design, interior design and industrial design. Arrow’s Autumn Winter 14 collection has generously dipped into this rich culture.

You can see more of their Autumn Winter Collection on the website : Arrow Life

Also check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Light Blue Polka-Dotted Shirt; Gray V Neck Pullover : Arrow Sport

The Influence The Bauhaus movement is characterized by simplicity. When translated to fashion design as done by Arrow, it leads to clean cuts, neat geometric prints and bold colors. Speaking of which, I loved this Pullover they had that was geometrically color blocked. Am I making sense? It was absolutely amazing. Here, take a look.

Arrow Life 1851 – Autumn/Winter Collection with influence drawn from the art school – Bauhaus

Interesting stuff, right there. That is when I decided to do something different. Drawing parallels to real life, my subject had to be someone who isn’t always obvious but is pretty good with what he does. Hence, the title – The Reluctant Hero!

Light Blue Shirt, Nehru Jacket, Pocket Square, Gray Trousers : All by Arrow Formal

The Subject Kapil Shingada (KS to his friends) is always contributing to art in all its subtlety. Much like the good work Arrow is putting in, to usher in a shift in corporate dressing. He is extremely camera shy (having spent all his time behind it) and has turned down 2 offers before mine, to feature in a shoot. I was in fact taken aback when he readily agreed to model for me. And I must say, the shoot was a breeze and the images speak for themselves!

Blue Suede Blazer, Khakhi Chinos : Arrow Sport

Kapil is a photographer and has had his work on display at the Russian Centre for Science and Culture, for an art exhibition. His style is specific to abstract, street photography and travel. Shooting architecture, objects, nature and the play of light is how I have understood it.

Chinos, Pullover, Shirt : All by Arrow Sport

K.S also loves shooting candid portraits and has dabbled in fashion photography for a couple of blogs. He also moonlights as a corporate desk occupier. And he does this only to pay for all those coffees you see him guzzling in the evenings, at Bandra.

Suede Jacket and Chinos : Arrow Sport. Shirt : Arrow NY Slim Fit

You can follow him on Instagram : Shutter0Bugger

Facebook : Kapil Shingada

Twitter : Shutter0Bugger

What did you make of the Arrow collection? What did you think of the analogy? Just, what are your opinions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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