Fun things to do Part II – Bangalore

Continuing from where we left off last week, Samiya Shakir tells us about her interesting days (and nights) out, in another favorite city in India – Bangalore.

10369083_10154305516315417_2042855580154740736_oFor those of you who are here for the first time, I shall introduce this gorgeous woman once again. Heck, it takes very little effort to copy and paste!

She is a true #GhettoMiyanbhai that swears by Bacon, Beer and Branding. Born and brought up in Bandra, she went from the  khaki kurta and jhola combo to a  corporate swearing daredevil with no reason to complain. To quote Samiya “Ah well, who am I kidding, but its definitely a better life. I don’t sing and dance in the bathroom, I do it in public, whether you like it or not.”

Love to eat. Live to regret it. – Al Claudius

Sweet mother of Munchies – by Samiya Shakir


When I’m in Bangalore, I’m the happiest considering the city has always managed to get me wasted. It’s a city that has the best liquor in this country. And that, is my opinion. My love for freshly brewed beer and them insane micro breweries like Toit (Blondie) and Biere Club brings me to this beauty of a dialogue  “get me the one with the highest alcohol content”! 8% milady? #heaven

The Biere Club, Bangalore

But what I can’t stop raving about in Bangalore are THE EVIL LIT’s. Yes, I know we are constantly being cheated with flacid LIT’s in Bombay and literally everywhere but these guys make it POTENT. There’s only liquor, a lot of it. Dangerously cheap liquor, if I may add. Spend happy hours on these and you could black out for hours. Trust me on that one.

But they’re insane, thanks to @madmanweb I not only discovered and got hammered but also survived the LIT, my favourite – the Dirty Hoe. Who could have thought that Jaeger, Bourbon and Orange Juice could taste so good – Ahoy Mothercluckers. Bangalore is all about the food. Daddy’s Deli had me at the bacon, the Pork Sausages at Indiranagar and the ham pizza at Arbor.

Glorious bites at Daddy’s Deli

I love discovering Bangalore and still find something new, every time I am there. Sanctum is my “go-to” club for the best electronic music, Spanish tapas and the sinful beer infused chicken. There have been some of the best mornings at Egg Factory and Koshys (Chef Harsh), mandatory Nagarjuna visits for delectable Andhra cuisine and that delicious pickled pork at Monkey Bar.

That is city #2 for you peeps. I will be back with the last leg of my current trilogy, the much misunderstood Delhi!

Until then, leave behind your comments on what city is your favorite. You never know, we might give it a shot next.

IMG_20140818_124811For more dope on Samiya, you can check her out on

Twitter: Sammo Rani

Instagram: Samiya Shakir


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