Burp, Hic and then some – Fun things to do in Bombay City

Hello folks, we have something special for you this week. A guest post from this gorgeous woman I happened to meet not so long ago. The only reason I did not pay too much heed to her apparent good looks that day was because there were strawberry pizzas up for grabs.

Anyway, without much further ado allow me to introduce to you Samiya Shakir.


She is a true #GhettoMiyanbhai that swears by Bacon, Beer and Branding. Born and brought up in Bandra, she went from the  khaki kurta and jhola combo to a  corporate swearing daredevil with no reason to complain. To quote Samiya “Ah well, who am I kidding, but its definitely a better life. I don’t sing and dance in the bathroom, I do it in public, whether you like it or not.”

Love to eat. Live to regret it. – Al Claudius

Sweet mother of Munchies – by Samiya Shakir

For the longest time I wondered what my name meant, my parents just liked the way it sounded. I later discovered it meant elevated. The way I see it, basically high on everything. This piece sums that up.

Growing up in Bandra also means you live in a mini-country. Where bumping into someone you know is both embarrassing and a God like high. I start by telling you about the best places to drink, eat and make merry in this part of the city. These are just a few, but the most lucratively badass.

Bandra in the early hours, not the same once the city wakes up.

You literally hop, skip and jump into a bar or restaurant in Bandra. So lets begin with my favourite.

PJ’s : Yes, you read that right. This place is so busy, you don’t get tables even on weekdays. Pay 50 Indian bucks and you get hammered at gymkhana rates. That is less than a Dollar! Don’t miss the Beef Tongue and Chilli Cheese Toast, you will bless me for that one.

Move onto a glorious meal at your friendly neighbourhood meat monster next.

Imbiss : The Baby Back Spare Ribs, Chorizo Rice, Lamb & Mint Sausage and that butt numbing hottest Chilli Pickle – it doesn’t get any better than this.

I love spare ribs and I cannot lie!

Here, check out @thebigbhookad’s review if you don’t believe me.

Restaurant review of Imbiss.

The Den : Don’t we all love this little pub that gets packed with literally just 5 people in? Not just for Reji’s (@rejistry) superlative Mixtaped Wednesdays, I could hang here all the time for a quick drink and some funky music.

Mixtaped nights at The Den

And for the perfect hangover cure, don’t miss out on my recommended Sunday morning fix.

Breakfast Club : Situated on Carter road, brunches with the Bambai Street Collective is the best hangover remedy. Period.

Then there are those places you shouldn’t miss out!

The Little Door : Located in Andheri, where men have more cleavage than women (*read Lokhandwala). The Thursday nights here are super awesome and the alcohol is affordable considering, well, Lokhandwala.

I am not going down to Malad, you guys know your thing. I make annual visits down there and some place called Powai. Yes, that is some #ShitBandraSnobsSay.

I will be back with some insight on good places to check out, whilst in Delhi and Bangalore on #bowtiesandbones in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and leave behind your comments while you are at it.

Cruising with her main man, Guido.

For more dope on Samiya, you can check out her rants at

Twitter : Sammo Rani

Instagram: Samiya Shakir



  1. Prithvi Cafe in Juhu is a place I really like. No bar unfortunately, but the ambience, the suleimani chai, and the occasional theatre personality sitting a few tables away, makes for a nice time with friends, in the evenings.

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