Top Reasons To Buy An Expensive Wrist Watch

The half minute which we daily devote to the winding-up of our watches is an exertion of labour almost insensible; yet, by the aid of a few wheels, its effect is spread over the whole twenty-four hours. – Charles Babbage

The Seiko SARB – As seen on Vinay V Kumar

I have always been fascinated with wrist watches. Although one might argue that time is on display every where you care to look these days (on your phone, laptop screens, etc), you cannot ignore the art that goes into making an automatic Swiss/Japanese movement. Besides, you can’t really carry around a painting for people to know you have good taste.

Omega Speedmaster Chrono – On Gaurav G Jain

So here goes the top reasons I could conjure, to buy yourself that watch you have always wanted:

  1. Men do not splurge on jewelry, not for themselves at least. If you do, well, time to pawn it off and buy yourself a deserving timepiece.
  2. Luxury watches are sold on EMI these days, with marginal interest rates.
  3. On completing a decade at your workplace, they are going to reward you with a pretty crappy “gold plated” watch, which you wouldn’t even wear to the grocers. Loyalty doesn’t amount to much these days, huh?
  4. There is a load of junk and old stuff that you never touched in the last 6 months. Worse still, you forgot existed. Pop that all off on one your friendly online portals (OLX, Quikr, eBay?). It will help you de-clutter and also fund the down payment on that watch.
  5. To celebrate. Perhaps an additional skill you learnt?
  6. You quit drinking or smoking perhaps? That’s it, you quit smoking/drinking! That is a lot of savings and what better reward than a luxurious watch?
  7. You have never run late on your credit card bills.
  8. You are above 30 and just about managed to close your education loan, about 8 years too late.
  9. You updated your wardrobe with some crisps shirts (perhaps a few with double cuffs) and trousers. And a worthy watch would be a good investment.
  10. The glare from the sun is too harsh to see the time on your phone, through your sunglasses.
  11. You aren’t obsessed with upgrading your mobile phone every time there is a new version launched. That has substantially saved you some coin.
  12. Watches are the first thing people notice in a man. Ok, most say shoes, but you know deep down it is your watch!
Tissot T-Trend – As seen on Manoj Kr‘s wrist

That is about all I could come up with. What is your excuse, errrr, reason to pick up an expensive wrist watch? Let us know in our comments tab below.



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