Basic wardrobe essentials that no MAN should live without

“Why do I need to know this when I have 2 wardrobes full of clothes?”


In an earlier edition, I told you why you should absolutely own a Blue Blazer. Then over a drink and some social media interaction, I was told by a rather wise woman that it wasn’t enough. I had apparently overlooked a lot of crucial stuff like what do men team it with. And then it struck me!! I was having that drink at home. By myself.

I digress.

Before learning to team stuff, men should be aware of some bare essentials they should own. Now you aren’t going to read about how you absolutely need a bowtie or monk strap shoes in this piece. Because, accept it, they aren’t a “essentials”.

So, here goes…

A blue blazer

Oh wait, I already told you that haven’t I? Read it all here.

A crisp white shirt

When I say white, I mean spotless.
When I say white, I mean spotless.

Most men own one and if you don’t, I would recommend you pick one up right away. This is the most basic wardrobe staple you MUST own. It looks good, regardless of the weather or time of day and can be worn with almost everything.

Remember however, to keep them white!


Keep it simple, retro and chic. I would recommend brands like Converse or Vans. The idea being, you can do with something simple. And that’s because they can be teamed with denims, chinos or shorts quite easily. Alternatively, if you prefer leather uppers, brands like Puma and Nike have some brilliant options.

Helps keep things casual and clean, rather than clunky.
Helps keep things casual and clean, rather than clunky.


I am extremely partial to this piece of footwear. Every man should own a pair of formal footwear. Brogues are quite retro in appearance and have made a huge come back. They look extremely smart when teamed with suits or chinos. And look as striking when paired with denims. Pick one up in brown.

Dark Blue Denims

Because they have universal appeal and avoid the bane of figuring out what shade of blue to opt for. Can be worn on consecutive days and nobody would bother. Also, they do not dirty easily.

Polo tee

They are as easy on the body, as they are on the eye. Also, best suited for summers, to keep you cool. If that wasn’t enough, they are accepted as work wear on dress down Fridays!

A good timepiece

Wristi is my personal favorite time-keeper.
Wristi is my personal favorite time-keeper.

Whether it is Quartz or Mechanical, comes with a leather, resin or steel strap, make sure you take your time and pick one up which you love. If you want to own just one pair, make sure it looks good with casuals and your work wear. Pick one up with a leather strap. They look good and age well. Besides, you don’t have to deal with the metal strap getting scratched and discolored. Everything said and done, you don’t need a chronograph. Period.


It is summer after all. And along with protecting your eyes, sunglasses make you look good. There are 3 frame shapes (associated with a rather quintessential brand) that I favor – Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmasters. Pick one up from these options that works best with the shape of your face.

You might be cool. But you will never be Steve McQueen cool.
You might be cool. But you will never be Steve McQueen cool.

Canvas belt

Apart from the fact that belts are a necessity (even Batman wears one) to hold your pants in place, one in canvas would look good with shorts, denims or chinos.


Pick one up in leather. That is what a wallet should always be made of. And more importantly, pay attention to how you keep it. Throw out all those visiting cards and receipts that you haven’t looked at in months.

Also, opt for one that doesn’t have a coin holder. That reduces the bulk so it isn’t fat enough to warrant a hip replacement. Keep your coins in your pocket. Or use them to buy mint. You could use the fresh breath.

I know this list might appear quite simple and basic. But that was the intention. To bring you to speed, if you aren’t already, on some essentials you should own. Once done, we start building on it.


As we go into our subsequent issues, we can pick up some of the finer aspects on style and why developing a look that is you, is important.


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