Man Commandments: From a woman’s perspective.

Now that I have your attention (with that blazing hot image) read what the brain behind that body has to say.

So I know this lady, who is kind and gentle and…. Who am I kidding?! She swears like a sailor!

Namita asks the question.
Namita asks the question.

Am talking about Namita of Take A Bow fame. In our first ever Guest Post, she has listed 10 commandments that no man worth his sharp creases should ignore. Read on and let us know in our comments sections, what you make of it.

Here is a set of basic rules that every guy should know and keep in mind, while dressing up. Or down. Whatever works for you.

1. On a two-button blazer, thou shalt only engage the top one. If not, leave it unbuttoned.

2. While sporting a blazer, thou shalt keep the shirt collar inside the blazer lapel.

3. Thou shalt match a slim striped shirt/blazer with a slim tie and only a slim tie-bar. A wide tie goes with solid shirts and a wide tie-bar only.

Featured here in actual men's denims. Admirable!
Featured here in actual men’s denims. Admirable!

4. Thou shalt ensure the sleeves fall right at the wrist bone while selecting a shirt to buy. That is your right size.

5. Thou shalt always be patient enough to have your trousers hemmed to the right length. The right length is if your trousers fall just at the top of your shoe.

6. For a formal board meeting, thou shalt keep things classic by matching your belt to your shoes, within the same color family. Black with black. Brown, with shades of brown.

7. Thou shalt wear your denims where they should be worn. On the waist, not slipping to the floor. Men wear well-fitted clothes.

8. Thou shalt reserve camouflage prints for out-of-office days.

9. Thou shalt try at least one of the following styles. Coloured socks, A scarf, A hat. Together or separately, depending on how brave you feel about fashion.

10. While facial hair is in trend and very macho, you shall not cross that thin line between macho and man stranded on an island. Keep it but keep it kempt.

Those boots are gonna walk all over you.. If you do not live by these commandments.
Those boots are gonna walk all over you.. If you do not live by the 10 Man Commandments!

Know the rules to bend them,


Take A Bow


Editors Note

Those who know me, swear by my inability to be socially effective. I depend on apps and social platforms to build and maintain relationships. I have had a fair bit of success, given that I am an introvert. One such amazing person I met online is Namita.

Namita takes pride in being eccentric and impatient while being a bro in the real sense (when she absolutely is a bro in the realest sense, it is indeed hard to think of her as anything but a gorgeous beauty!) She actively blogs on fashion and is a Fashion Consultant at

Go check it out.


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