Why should the Blue Blazer be THE jacket, if you intend to own only one?


Here’s everything you need to know.

If there is one jacket every man should have in his wardrobe, it’s a blue blazer. They are versatile, preppy and ideal for board-room meetings and those after work drink(s) at your local pub.

blue blazer

Aren’t blazers outdated?

Blazers have always been considered a lot less formal than their distant cousins, the formal suit. Which is why, you would notice blazers were roomier back in the day.

Today, they also come in slim fits and neat cuts. When it comes to closing them up, options range from brass to plastic buttons, although I personally prefer the black/dark blue variants.

Any other pointers before I pick it up?

A Blazer, by virtue is made of hard-wearing fabric. Safe to say, you can throw it around, a fair bit.

Be wise when you pick out a blazer for yourself. Remember it is an investment that, taken care of well, will serve you for long. A well-fitted blazer will make you appear good because the lines will provide you with an ideal silhouette. You will not look like you are wearing a box. And the color should be deep blue preferably. Nothing too dark, that will make it look black and nothing too light that will make it look too casual.

Now, how do I wear it?

It isn’t as much about wearing the blazer as it is about teaming it. Don’t hesitate to mix it up a little bit. I am endomorphic. And I tried on this marvelous fitted Blue Blazer that I eventually picked up.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to navy blue blazers. However, ensure that the trousers aren’t like colored. That look is best suited for, well, suits. Instead, try grey trousers, for instance. For an evening out, you can swap out the trousers for denims and they will look effortlessly cool. Roll up your pants and show some ankle, swap your shirt for a polo tee. The world is your playground with this piece of clothing, really.


Women, apart from pants, you have the added benefit of teaming them with skirts. Yet another area where you beat us!

Blazers strike the perfect balance, when wearing a suit is too formal and not wearing one is considered sluggish. This is what makes me think, there is a reason they have retained their style quotient, all these years.


So go out there men (and you gorgeous ladies), pick one out from the range of brands, fits and shades that are currently in the market.

You will be quite content, if not reasonably exuberant.



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