Buying Sneakers From Ox Street – Asia’s Sneaker Marketplace From Singapore

Ever since I got to know of Ox Street, I have been following them with some intrigue. You see, we all have (for the most part) heard of and shopped from the likes of Stock X and GOAT. I have personally engaged with the Sneaker Marketplace out here in India as well.

But the only time I ordered for sneakers from Stock X or GOAT was when someone was traveling. India is notorious for it’s Import Duties/Taxes. I had to find an alternative. Especially when you consider, an import fee of 35-40% of the Resale Price of a sneaker + Shipping was like daylight robbery!

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Indian Sneakerhead
The tag of authenticity from Ox Street is attached to both pairs. So you can be rest assured!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that one of my outfit shots were selected by Ox Street as their weekly contest winners. You see, all you need to do is use the hashtag #OxStreetFavorites when you upload your fit pictures on IG. The team out there then pick their favourite fit pics every week and select the winners, who in-turn get $30 in Ox Credits! This contest, then rolls into a monthly contest, where the audience decides who the winner for the month is. And that winner, gets $100 in Ox Credits!

Ox Street Sneaker Resellers Singapore Asia
This random shot I took when I was out with a friend for a drive in the rains!
Ox Street Sneaker Resellers Singapore Asia
The winning post on @Oxstreet

Having accumulated a fair amount of Ox Credits in my account, I decided to look out for a pair of sneakers that I wanted to add to my collection. It was a hard call between the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3 and the Ambush Dunk Deep Royal. And as you can tell from this video right here, I went with the Ambush Dunks!

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I don’t know if you’d agree with me, but I think the Deep Royal is by far the best Ambush Dunk amongst the 4 colorways that have dropped this far!

Check out the detailed review of the Ambush Dunk Deep Royal, as well as all the details of shopping on Ox Street!

Some of the benefits on shopping on Ox Street according to me are:
1. The prices of sneakers and streetwear, I felt were very competitive
2. Extremely helpful and friendly team, who answered all my queries
3. Obviously 100% Authentic/Legit (It’s a no-brainer but I had to say it)
4. They mark your pairs at Retail Selling Price when they ship, so your customs impact is cushioned
5. You get to earn credits by participating in their Outfit Battles, which you get to off-set with your purchase

To give you context, consider this scenario.

Say a pair costs $100, and resells for $200. When you order from StockX or GOAT, apart from shipping to India the added cost of taxes is at 35-40% of $200. So you end up paying between $75-$80.
But if you were to buy the same pair from Ox Street, your taxes would be calculated at $100. Which means you end up paying between $35-$40. And that difference in savings only because a lot more evident as the resale value of the pair increases. Imagine, the resale for the pair is $400. That would mean approx $160 in taxes!!! You get where I am going with this?

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Ambush Dunk High Deep Royal
Ambush Dunk High Deep Royal on feet
Is Ox Street Legit website for sneakers
I am lucky to have gotten my hands on this pair for such a good price!
Allen Claudius Indian Sneakerhead
Wore the Ambush Dunk Deep Royal on feet the very next day!
Is Ox Street sneakers authentic
Inspired by the motorcycle culture in Japan, Yoon Ahn did a great job on this pair of Dunk highs!

What I love about the Ambush Dunk Deep Royal:
1. Really soft materials used on the upper
2. Aged midsole
3. Color blocking of course
4. Waxed laces with metal tips
5. Overall change to the silhouette in the heel area

The only thing I guess I am not too crazy about is the exposed foam tongue. I’d have loved a regular Jordan 1-esque tongue, but that’s just me.

Let me know what you think of the Ambush Dunk Deep Royal in the comments.

If you’re looking to buy a pair from Ox Street and have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

And in case you missed it earlier, get $15 in credits when you use my referral link. Hahaha.



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