OOTD – Brooks Brothers, RipNRpr, Reebok Classic Instapump Fury Ayanna Air, Nought One

In this edition of OOTD, I tried to get on the Korea Town wave.

The kind folks at Reebok Classics India sent me a pair of the Instapump Fury Ayanna Air sneaker. The lightning strike design on the sneakers was quite, well, striking. And I wanted to try something different to keep the outfit in sync, yet minimal, with the sneaker design. Now don’t be confused, the name has nothing to do with the tech on the sneaker. Ayanna Air is a character name. He/She is one of the “Legion of Fury” team that was dropped as a pack of sneaker colorways.

Reebok Classic Instapump Fury Legion of Fury
Ayanna Air
Allen Claudius
Korea Town Vibes

The “Legion of Fury” team up was created by former Reebok designer E. Scott Morris, from what I have read online. He was inspired by legendary sneaker designer Steven Smith’s designs on the Instapump Fury model. And although these characters aren’t mainstream, they were revived for this new drop.

The Ayanna Air model, that I have on feet, is also referred to as the Proud Pink pair. With that white toe-box, and the lightning print across the upper, it sure does make the already wild Instapump Fury, pop out more. All of this is based on a purple backdrop as it fades into black at the heel. The heel is where you find the Ayanna Air character, looking like a bolt of lightning and wearing it’s own pair of Instapump Fury’s on feet.

The heel also has a mock WARNING label, going with the entire “action-figure” theme of the pack.

I did not want to go too OTT with the outfit for this sneaker, nor did I wanna do something too basic. Which is why I went with something that could possibly pass as Hongdae Street Style. Lol. Let me know in the comments, if I succeeded or nah. And also your thoughts on the Reebok Instapump Fury, Ayanna Air.

Allen Claudius
Was trying to fit in some Japanese/Korean Street vibes
Allen Claudius
White Shirts always a vibe!

Outfit Details
Shirt – Brooks Brothers Broadcloth Shirt
Pants – RipNRpr Cropped Cargo
Tote – Nought One
Shades – Chimi Eyewear
Socks – Eytys

Reebok Classic Instapump Fury Legion of Fury
The Ayanna Air character on the heel
Reebok Classic Instapump Fury Legion of Fury
Love the detailing of lightning
Allen Claudius
Walking to the grocers
Reebok Classic Instapump Fury Legion of Fury

All images shot by @instagramkaran


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