OOTD Featuring the Huemn News Tee, Stone Island, Miansai, Air Max 1

In this feature, I bring you the 3rd lockdown drop from Huemn (Shyma Shetty and Pranav Misra), the News Tee.

Following up on the back to back Charles Bukowski Tees that dropped to mark his 100th Birthday, the News Tee from Huemn checked quite a few of the boxes for me. I fell in love, looking at the details on the tee. But more so because of the relevance and timing of this release.

You can check out a sneaker unboxing video from my trip to Vietnam, right here:

I was lucky to find 2 pairs of Air Max 1 kicks at G-Lab Vietnam

All through this period of quarantine, if there’s one thing that I have personally noticed, it’s that news agencies here have become a joke. In the chase for TRP, they will report/accuse/do literally anything to degrade another human being. I have stopped looking at the news, and now I tend to get my news from meme accounts! Because believe it or not, they seem to have a lot more journalistic integrity, then the whole collective of “responsible journalism” that we know of.

Woooooweeeeee! Ok, I am beginning to get all passionate about how much I hate where our nation/collective humanity is headed. So let’s keep things simple and easy, shall we? Let’s talk about my outfit. Lmao.

You can purchase the Huemn News Tee, till stocks last from here: https://www.huemn.in/shop/news-tshirt_grey

As per the norm, I kept my overall fit rather simple and straightforward. I slipped on a pair of Stone Island Cargos to go with the muted tones of the tee. But that pop on the chest print! That pop had to find a good companion, which is why I chose the Air Max 1. It literally mirrors the colorway of the Huemn News Tee!

Huemn News Tee
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Outfit Details:

Tee – Huemn News Tee
Cargo Pants – Stone Island
Shades – Chimi Eyewear
Wrist Cuff – Miansai
Belt – Carhartt
Sneakers – Nike Air Max 1

Indian Streetwear Icon
Sunday Outfit in my Huemn News Tee
Huemn News Tee
What’s in the News
Huemn News Tee
The Huemn News Tee

All images shot by @instagramkaran on his iPhone.

Let me know in the comments what you make of the Huemn News Tee, and also the outfit. Or if you wanna have an in-depth debate about the shambles of society, I am up for that too.

Stay tuned for the next outfit post.

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