Huemn’s Limited Edition Charles Bukowski Tee Dropped On His 100th Birthday

Huemn‘s limited edition Charles Bukowski Tee dropped on his 100th Birthday, the 16th of August 2020.

You can place your order here, before they run out:

Allen Claudius
Shoulder Details on the Huemn Bukowski Tee

My phone rang this morning, and it was a call from Shyma Shetty, one half of Huemn. We both come from the same quaint town of Mangalore, so we began our conversation with casual banter. Lol. Mostly her laughing at my small-town-uncle regional accent. But then the conversation veered towards Vietnam. Shyma has been in Vietnam since before the Covid-19 lockdown. And I love Vietnam. We spoke about how well-controlled it had been and how Vietnam did not have many cases all through till July, with zero deaths. But then all of a sudden there were a few cases that cropped up.

I really hope we all are able to come out of this stronger. Please stay safe, if you are reading this, and tell your fam and friends how much you love them when you still are able to.

I digress.

Shyma was also excited because 16th August was the 100th birthday of Charles Bukowski. And it held a lot of significance to Huemn because their iconic Bukowski shirt had dropped during the fashion week of Autumn/Winter 2014. The shirt featured a portrait of the American-German poet, Charles Bukowski, shot by photographer Mark Hanauer back in 1981.

You can read the story as it appeared on Grazia India here:

The Huemn Bukowski tee, this time dropped in an all-white tee format, at what is a relatively accessible price point. It comes in a single-oversized-fit. As you can see how it looks on me. For reference, I usually wear a size L tee. It has additional details like the image from his tombstone epitaph, his favorite poem on the shoulder accompanied by his signature, apart from that by-now-familiar portrait print on the front.

I threw on a clean fit, this Sunday and the tee tied my outfit together very neatly.

I am quite hyped I have the opportunity to own this iconic piece from the designer duo at Huemn (Shyma Shetty and Pranav Misra). Hopefully, I can wear this out when there are people around lol. Because I feel this fit didn’t get the eyeballs and appreciation it deserves. Hahahaha.

Allen Claudius
Minimal Outfit on Sunday
Indian Sneakerhead
Subtle pop of color with the Crimson Tint Air Jordan 1
Allen Claudius
Keeping it simple with the Huemn Bukowski Tee

Outfit Details:

Tee – Huemn + Charles Bukowski 100th Birthday
Sweatpants – Aimé Leon Dore
Sneakers – Air Jordan 1 Crimson Tint
Sunglasses – Chimi Eyewear

Let me know what you make of the outfit in the comments.

All images shot on an iPhone by @instagramkaran

Huemn Bukowski Tee
Back details on the Huemn Bukowski Tee


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