My Birthday Outfit – Just A Little Bit Classy, Not The Usual Trashy. Lol.

Since we all have been under lockdown forever, I felt like getting out (following all social distancing guidelines of course) and getting a proper fit on for my birthday.

You know, Cancerians are so sensitive and emotional, it’s the smallest things that give us joy. And I had been intermittent fasting, felt good about myself and all that. It’d be a shame if I didn’t get some birthday outfit images I thought.

Allen Claudius
Birthday Fit like..

In the meanwhile, if you would like to see how my birthday went, here’s a quick vlog of how I spent my birthday. It’s from my Youtube channel:

For my birthday, I wanted to do something nice and special for myself. You know, self-love and all that. Since I don’t have anyone in my life, that I could pin my hopes on, I let me do all the leg work. Lol. So I whipped up some custard, got some outfits together, etc etc. But then man, oh man, did my brother go all out to make it special for me. I really love him for doing what he did. Oh, if you are wondering, if you watched the vlog you would know.

Anyway, let’s get to the outfit shots now shall we?

Allen Claudius
Allen Claudius
It’d been 5 long years since I was able to tuck my shirt in.
Indian Sneakerhead
Stone Island on Fear of God Converse

Outfit Details:

Shirt – Polo by Ralph Lauren
Pants – Stone Island Cargos
Sneakers – Converse X Fear of God Essentials
Shades – Akila LA X Pleasures
Mask – Airinum
Watch – Omega Seamaster 300
Wrist Cuff – Miansai

Allen Claudius
“Are you lost baby girl?”
Allen Claudius
Budget Mall Bane

These images made it to my Instagram first, obviously, considering my birthday is long gone. Lol. So if you aren’t already, I’d ask that you follow me there on @bowtiesandbonesblog

Let me know what you make of the fit in the comments. It’s very rare that I dress (leave alone act) my age. So for me, this kinda felt like a big deal. I guess more so because I spend every single day in boxers otherwise. Lol.

Shout out to everyone who made my birthday special, looked out for me, wished me, came by to see me, sent me good vibes. I will see you all on the next one. Peace!


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