Sportswear Fit with Eric Emanuel X Allen Iverson X Reebok Classics Answer V

Growing up, with no internet and limited access to anything beyond the city I lived in, I would frequent the Reebok store for one specific reason – I could pick up merchandise with my name on it. Allen. Allen Iverson. Whoever he was, was enabling me to have branded merch with my name on it. Obviously we did not come from a lot of money, so it was restricted to caps and wrist bands. Never had the opportunity to get my hands on The Question or The Answers.

Imagine my absolute joy, when Reebok Classics India sent me the entire set of the Complexcon exclusive (it eventually released globally) Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic X Eric Emanuel merch.

Eric Emanuel X Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic
The Answer V

This is the first time there has been a collab on an Allen Iverson sneaker. Eric Emanuel went as far as changing the I3 logo with the 3 being replaced with his logo that somehow fits perfectly.

Here’s a quick unboxing video of the sneaker from my YouTube channel

Eric Emanuel gained popularity for his custom sports jerseys.

Eric Emanuel‘s brand can be labeled as a “Luxe sportswear line” because most of his apparel is inspired by football, basketball, etc. His past collaborations include brands like adidas Originals.

Allen Iverson rose to notoreity rather quickly. He can be called the reason for the NBA having dress codes. He was controversial for not only being unabashedly himself but also for his tatted up body and cornrows. That was his brand. Reckless, Brilliant and arguably the best that played the game. He represented the hustle.

This take of the 2001 Allen Iverson signature sneaker, the Answer V, comes with the best leather quality and materials I have seen in a long time. The leather is so plush and soft to the touch. It features Reebok’s patented DMX cushioning technology.

I must add that this the first the time the Answer V has retroed. Which makes it 18 long years!

Allen Claudius
Game face

Since the jersey top was cropped, I threw in a basic white base layer tee and pulled on some navy joggers to go with the navy hits on the otherwise color pop sneaker. The plan was to keep the rest of the outfit muted but in line with the color scheme of the sneaker. The navy hit, for instance, at the heel of the Allen Iverson Answer V is easy to miss. The navy color also appears at the mid-foot with the DMX branding, if you look closely.

Completing the look are my staples, the Omega Seamaster (swapped silicone strap) and Off white sunglasses.

Allen Claudius
Football Jersey, on Basketball Sneakers, in a Tennis Court!
Eric Emanuel X Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic
The upper is made of a real soft “TrckGold” colorway leather, while a silver shroud makes it way across the circumference of the sneaker.
Allen Claudius
Posts picture with “Ball is life” quote!

Eric Emanuel X Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic

Allen Claudius
Goes to a basketball court once….
Allen Claudius
Eric Emanuel is known for his sports-uniform apparel.

Outfit Details

Football Cropped Jersey – Eric Emanuel X Reebok Classic
Sneakers – Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic X Eric Emanuel
Sunglasses – Off White
Socks – Huemn
Base layer tee + Cargo Joggers – Levi’s
Basketball – Chinatown Market (borrowed from Abhishek Gandhi)

Shot by Shravan Shetty

Asian Sneakerhead
Eric Emanuel X Allen Iverson X Reebok Classic


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