The things I did, Places I saw, and Food I ate with Connie in Bangkok

I have always wanted to make a trip to Thailand, for all the years I have traveled. But never really got down to it for various reasons. As late as March of 2018, I had a trip planned with my friend and had flights and hotels booked but I dropped plans at the last moment because back then I was house hunting.

Have you read about my house hunting experiences in Bombay?

And then Connie Yan told me she would be in Thailand 2 weeks of December, with a friend. I had to force my way into her vacation for what would be 3 fun days. At least, that is what I thought. Turned out, she is a force of annoyance I have never encountered in all my life.

I am not much of a solo traveler and always like visiting places with someone. You see, if I travel alone, I would probably spend most hours indoors. Which is why this trip sounded like a good idea. I would love to go back to Bangkok when I have a bit of money to eat more of the street food and drink a few beers every night. Perhaps some time in 2019?

Speaking of which, here’s wishing you all a fabulous 2019 folks!

Here is a vlog of my 3 days in Bangkok, Thailand from my YouTube channel

And now we dive into the images of my experiences in Bangkok, Thailand.

Allen Claudius
Mr Cup T
Allen Claudius
Khao San Road

Allen Claudius Travels

Snooze Coffee House
Snooze Coffee House
Allen Claudius Streetstyle
My first meal in Thailand
Allen Claudius Travel
Sugar Mama
Allen Claudius
Food is Bae always
Allen Claudius Streetwear
Connie did a fair job with this one candid shot
ICONSIAM Mall Thailand Bangkok
All I wanted for Christmas!
Allen Claudius
I have a thing for 7 Eleven
Allen Claudius Bangkok
The Yung 1 sitting in Bangkok
Connie Yan
Connie was not impressed with the Yeezy 700 Mauve
Allen Claudius Streetwear
Uniqlo X Kaws X Sesame Street
Puma Thunder Spectra
Sitting in Bangkok
What to eat in Bangkok
Milk Cow sandwich
Ice Cream in Pao
I am…
Shopping in Bangkok
ICONSIAM is quite the place
Stay hydrated folks
Sook Siam
When she bats her eyelids and thinks she can get away with anything
Sook Siam
Many Scratchs
Sook Siam
Shout out to my tour sponsor and guide Connie Yan
Allen Claudius Girlfriend
Nom Nom
Have to remember Scratch
Allen Claudius
When she has a sook and thinks it is adorable!
Food in Bangkok
Thai Green Curry with Tri-Colored Rice Noodles at ICONSIAM
What to eat in Thailand
Mango Sticky Rice
Pad Thai in Bangkok
Live In Levi's Thailand
BTS of my Instagram stories
Sneakers and Streetwear in Thailand
EST Cola
What to eat in Thailand
These Fasto Devil chips come with actual chunks of red chillies!
Allen Claudius
The Ritual Continues
Hypebae Connie Yan
Girls will be on their phones for hours and then ask you to get off yours, as soon as you unlock it!
Allen Claudius Travels
4 Monkeys
Wat Saket Bangkok
Can’t complain about climbing stairs when this is the view
Allen Claudius Travels
Temple Run
Allen Claudius dating
Street food with this one
Allen Claudius Levi's
A Levi’s Fit
Allen Claudius Travels
I have a thing with textured skies

Allen Claudius girl

Connie Yan
Connie standing tall (as tall as she can, lol)
Places to see in Bangkok
Wat Saket
Allen Claudius GF
Feeling the mist at Wat Saket
Tuk Tuk rides in Thailand
Tuk Tuk rides that won be 500 AUD
Connie Yan Brisbane Australia
Connie Yan trying to be a sharp shooter but is such a goof!
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
One of the installations that depict my mind
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
Coffee Allen Claudius
Gallery Drip Coffee at BACC
Wat Saket Bangkok Thailand
Wat Saket

Allen Claudius Sneakerhead

Bangkok Thailand Travel Blog
Black Pork Burger at Mc Donald’s Thailand
Connie Yan Telstra
Either popping neon, or popping my nerves!
atmos sneaker shop
atmos at Central World, Bangkok
Sneaker shopping in Thailand
24 Kilates at Central World
ultra boost Gold Medal
I was shocked to see the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal Ultraboosts sitting on shelves in Thailand
Acronym Presto
The Acronym Presto Volt at 24 Kilates
Atmos Bangkok Thailand
Found the Carhartt Air Max 95 at Atmos Bangkok
Allen Claudius Travel Blog
You’re the coffee that I need in the morning
Allen Claudius
Ultraboost Vibes
Allen Claudius Girlfriend
Can’t really tell the difference!
Snooze Coffee House Breakfast
I guess this is the view for y’all?
Snooze Coffee House Bangkok
Lucky for me, I got to try the Thai Milk Tea on my last day in Bangkok
Allen Claudius Photography
Suvarnabhumi Airport had a beautiful Christmas Tree
Allen Claudius
Bombay Airport

Let me know what you made of my experiences. Drop a comment about the places you would recommend for my next getaway.

All images shot on my iPhone 6 and edited on VSCO.

Happy New Year 2019 Couple Goals
Here’s wishing you a banger of a year!

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