Titan Sunglasses launch a new collection of functional shades – Oleo

I tried out the new range of Titan Sunglasses – Oleo – first hand and here are my thoughts. A quick teaser – the lens resist dust, water and smudges.

Sunglasses are an essential for me. I take care of my eyes, because vision is the primary tool of my job. How else would I be able to do a 180 degree swerve and walk in the opposite direction when I see someone from a distance at Fashion Week, I wanted to avoid?! Lol. But jokes apart, I have always been conscious of wearing high quality lenses through the day when the sun is out. A quick scroll through my Instagram would make that obvious.

The last time I had tried on Titan Sunglasses was about 2 years ago in summer. (I try out varied brands because every now and then, you tend to find varied frame styles and lens tints.) When I heard of the Oleo range, my initial thoughts were it was just a name (knowing it is derived from the latin word for oil). Until I did some reading. The Oleo name for these Titan Sunglasses is a natural outcome of the technology they have used to make the lens resistant to dust, water and smudges. The sunglasses come with a layer of coating that enables this.

Bowties and Bones

Driving sunglasses

And aren’t these 3 things the biggest bane of eyewear? Be it a bike or car, driving on Indian roads coats your sunglasses with a layer of dust. The unpredictable rains could end up ruining your lens. Then there is the act of wearing, taking off your shades that get smudges on the lens. Titan Oleo Sunglasses have pretty much made those issues redundant. That in itself is admirable makes it evident that Titan Sunglasses don’t just focus on contemporary designs but also focus primarily on using high quality material. Rightfully so. Considering the fact that the appearance of your sunglasses and it’s functionality should go hand in hand. I mean, what is the point if you have killer frames and bad lenses or vice versa?!

Which brings me to the next logical point. A lot of shoppers buy sunglasses from “fashion” brands. You know how you line up at the cash counter and they have these “UV protection” sunglasses kept there which you end up buying because they are from a brand and are cheap. Well, those sunglasses are manufactured in bulk in some remote location and then just labeled and packaged. Chances are, you will find the same frame across various brands with just a change in the label.

On the other hand, Titan Sunglasses pay a lot of attention to not just the design elements but also the materials that go into the making of the frame. As a result of the high quality material, Titan Sunglasses are durable, feel premium and provide optimum protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Sunglasses are a lot more than a fashion accessory.

They protect your eyes from the harsh rays from the sun. But because they are functional should not mean they are boring. Since it was Christmas season, I decided to pick out 2 frames from the Titan Oleo collection. One was a more contemporary design while the other was a retro Clubmaster inspired frame, which is my personal favourite. Considering the sweet price point, given the Oleophobic Polarised lenses and UV protection, it would be a shame not to!

Titan Oleo Sunglasses Collection

Aviator Style Sunglasses

Titan Oleo Sunglasses Collection

Titan Oleo Sunglasses Collection

Best Sunglasses in the market

Economical and Stylish sunglasses

Let me know which of the 2 frames I picked up, are your favourite.

You can shop the Titan Oleo range of sunglasses from eyeplus.titan.co.in

Also available at all Titan Eyeplus and World of Titan stand-alone stores, in addition to multi-brand shopping centres.

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Bowties and Bones


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