Reebok Classic X Afew Store Düsseldorf – Furylite GM Canopy Camo

Reebok Classic and Afew (Düsseldorf, Germany based sneaker store) came together in the December of 2015 with the perfect Christmas present – the Furylite GM Canopy Camo. A lot of people slept over it because it was not “hyped” after all. And Reebok kinda sorta came to the party a little late. But hey, they are doing their bit and are seeing a lot of success. Sure, a Kendrick Lamar Classic (click here) is not as hyped as a Yeezy Boost but then again the tech that goes into the sneakers still retains that retro vibe although the materials are new.

Here is a quick unboxing video from my YouTube Channel:

I, admittedly, am amongst the people who took to these kicks way too late in the game. And I was fortunate enough, to be honest, considering I picked them up dead stock. A lot of sneaker lovers slept over these kicks.

The Reebok Classic X Afew Furylite features a canopy camouflage upper with suede leather hits at the toe cap and the heel. The mid-foot has a neoprene cage with cut-outs for ventilation and elasticated rope laces. The only things I missed out on, were the fancy camo showcase boxes and the canteen bottle that Afew threw in with these kicks. And THAT, is missing a lot! I think if John Rambo wore sneakers, these would be it!

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
Fit of the day – Tactical!
Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones
It may not be BAPE but it still is fire!

Drawing inspiration from the Reebok Classic Insta Pump Fury, this sneaker comes minus the pump to obviously keep the price low and the silhouette minimal. But nothing has been compromised on. The toe box and the heel are synthetic nylon. The heel has the Reebok branding on an rubber backstrap. The Reebok Classic Starcrest is embroidered in white on the tongue. I love the thought that went into the details like those subtle near-invisible (camouflaged, do I say) polka dot speckles on the midsole and the gum hits on the outsole at the toe and heel.

Reebok Classic Furylite Camo AFEW Store
That polka dotted mid-sole on the Reebok Classic Furylite Camo!
Sneaker Closet Hypebeast Highsnobiety
Holds it’s own amongst the best!

The fit on these kicks is true to size, like on any other Furylite. I like that you can slip these on and not bother with tying the laces. The silhouette makes them look like lace-ups but they are slip-ons.

The fit on the Furylite is true to size and the comfort is regular, nothing outstanding about it. It is nice and easy on the feet. Does the job.

What do you guys make of the attempts Reebok Classic is making at getting their foot in the door to Sneaker Culture and Hype? Would you cop a pair (although it is pretty late to) given a chance? Let me know in the comments.

Reebok Classic Furylite Camo AFEW Store

Reebok Classic Furylite Camo AFEW Store

Shot by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Shop the look:

Camo Bomber – Levi’s
Denims – 501 CT by Levi’s
Glares – RayBan Wayfarer
Watch – Casio G Shock
Sneakers – Reebok Classic Furylite

Allen Claudius Bowties and Bones

Allen Claudius_Bowties and Bones

Reebok Classic Furylite Camo AFEW Store

Location : Howard Johnson, Bangalore

Howard Johnson Bangalore



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