Puma Suede – An essential pair for Sneaker Heads

Ever since I could afford to buy stuff that I do not really need, a pair of Puma Suedes or Baskets were always a part of my wardrobe. I owned a pair as recently as May of last year and thought it was high time I picked up another one. Another one. Problems of excess and owning a credit card!

Here is a video review of the sneaker:

Sneaker Hand Puma Suede

Puma Suede Military Green

The Suede’s are almost 50 years and a true classic. They are a sneaker of choice for B Boys, the world over. When launched in 1968 it was ahead of the game with its thick rubber sole and tough suede upper setting it apart from the regular canvas top and thin rubber sole sneakers.

These sneakers will always hold a special place in the corner of my heart that is reserved for shoes. See, ever since I began to work and enjoy the perks of employment (which is your pay cheque) I have always owned a pair of Puma Suede‘s. They even had a city variant, of which I had L.A I guess and I wore it till the sneakers fell apart. Till this day, I look back at them and think they are the best pair of sneakers I have ever owned. Subtle, classic and a limited edition when limited editions were unheard of in the Indian sneaker scene.

In fact, the Puma Suede was the first ever sneaker to be endorsed by a Basket Ball player who then went on to have a line released with his name, the “Clyde“.

Puma Suede On Feet

Puma Suede Green

Puma Suede Olive Green

When hip hop music (which I inherently love) and break dancing entered the collective conscience of the audience, these shoes found a spot for themselves there as well. Till this day, B Boys claim the Puma Suede is their weapon of choice when it comes to busting a move.

And with the progress in years, the Suede has continued to remain one of the most loved shoes in sneaker history. You see skateboarders, graffiti artists and rappers kicking in them. Heck, I even wore one to work every single Friday with my business casuals.

These kicks are here to stay, despite the evident decline of the Brand in the Indian market. While Adi Dassler’s team is doing pretty well with the Originals reboot, I guess Rudolf’s lineage has some thinking to do on strengthening the brand beyond the Suede.

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

G Shock Red On Wrist

You can shop for Puma kicks here.

Outfit Deets:

Sneakers – Puma Suede
Tees – Haul Apparel
Sunnies – RayBan Wayfarer
Watches – G Shock
Shorts – Jack and Jones

Shot and edited by Vishal Dey for Bowties and Bones

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee Manbun skateboarding

Haul Tee skateboarding


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