Nike Internationalist – Vintage Running Shoes

I have been eyeing the Nike Internationalist sneaker for a while now on the Nike US website. Especially the mid-top variant, which looks quite cool to be honest. I have been patiently waiting on Nike India to release it here and shortly thereafter, they did.

Here is a video of me unboxing them. I did not know what shoes they were, but you obviously do so you can flick it to the on-feet bit.

The Internationalist dates back to 1982 (yes, the sneaker is as old as I am) much before most of you reading this were born. If you were around, then probability is that you were busy pooping in diapers or watching cartoons. 1982 was also the year the Nike Air Force 1 was launched which went on to become one of the most iconic kicks of all time. On the same lines, the Internationalist garnered a cult following when they debuted on the feet of Alberto Salazar during the New York Marathon. This coincided with Nike airing their first ever TV Commercial. So much planning and so much built into the release of a sneaker. Almost like it was a plan for global domination.

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist

But let me come back to the marathon bit. Can you believe this pair of sneakers, the Internationalist, is a long-distance running sneaker? And Alberto won the marathon, getting Nike the much appreciated push into the sneaker history forefront.

The 2015 edition retains its old-school-cool characteristics. The silhouette continues the suede, nylon and mesh bits. The Nike branding on the heel makes you realise that it still is an OG. The tongue has a sewn on label with the Nike logo and Internationalist branding on it. Available in India in 2 color ways, I chose the Mustard Yellow because I love hot dogs. Ha.

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist

The shoes offer basic comfort and support, they are light weight as you can tell from the construction material and the Internationalist runs true to size. I was hoping they would release the Blue and Yellow colorway but then I don’t have any complaints with the way these kicks look on my feet. The Blue and Yellow colorway in a mid-top variant looks pretty wicked. I wouldn’t recommend running with these sneakers, with all the advancement in tech you are better off with the likes of the Nike Free or Lunar series.

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist

Outfit Deets:
Tee – Star Wars
Snapback – New Era
Denims – Selvedge R.D.D

Buy the sneakers here.

Shot by Jagath Venkat for Bowties and Bones
Sneaker detail shots by me.

Nike Internationalist

Nike Internationalist


  1. […] Time and location : I prefer shooting at the crack of dawn because the light is perfect when the sun rises and also when it is about to set. Any time after 10 in the morning and before 4 in the evening, casts harsh shadows and ruins the background of the image. Called the golden hours, right after sunrise and before sunset is perfect to shoot. In terms of location, I would recommend shooting with contrasts. You don’t want your sneaker to blend with the background. And at the same time, it is critical that your location is not messy and has too many distractions. The eye of the viewer should be naturally drawn to your sneaker and not the background. If you are feeling lucky and have experimented a lot with daylight shots, then try some in a studio with controlled lighting or some night shots. A golden hour shot of the Nike Internationalist. […]


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