24 hours in Hyderabad City with That Delhi Girl

My last trip in 2015 involved spending 24 hours in Hyderabad City with That Delhi Girl. A few years ago, I had made this pact with myself that I would visit one new town/city/country every year. This was my method of seeing something new and broadening my horizons in some way.

The year of 2015 was drawing to a close, being in the second week of December. And I had given up on the pact for this year. Until, my phone screen lit up and it was a message from That Delhi Girl, Pallavi.

Pallavi : “Hey listen so I intend to spend an entire day with Shitiz, exploring the city. Do you want to hop on?”
Me : “But when do you intend to do this?”
Pallavi : “Day after tomorrow. Don’t worry about your flights and stuff, it will be sorted.”
Me : “Only if you promise me the best biryani that Hyderabad has to offer!”
Pallavi : “Do you even have to ask?!”

All I did next was book my flights online, hop over to the Lee Store to pick up some light weight Urban Rider Tees and their latest selvedge denims 101+. My bag was packed and the next thing I know, I was in Hyderabad and chilling with the Ruhails.

24 hours in the city Lee

24 hours in the city Lee
We headed for some coffee right after being picked up from the airport. I was visibly happy.
24 hours in the city Lee
Checking the temperature in Hyderabad. Fortunately, I had my Urban Riders light weight tee on.
24 hours in the city Lee
Getting to the old city took a fair bit of effort and assistance from Maps.
24 hours in the city Lee
Loose Canons

24 hours in the city Lee

24 hours in the city Lee

24 hours in the city Lee
Pallavi kept me entertained through the day with her random jokes.
24 hours in the city Lee
Learning some social media skills from the pro, That Delhi Girl.
24 hours in the city Lee
Wondering how Pallavi’s got more likes than me on the images we Instagrammed!
24 hours in the city Lee
Heading out for the night with That Delhi Girl
24 hours in the city Lee
You don’t visit the Ruhail household and leave without a shot with this wall!

Outfit from the Lee Urban Rider and 101 Collection
Sneakers : Converse Chuck II, Nike Air Max 90 and Adidas Originals Tubular Runner

Picture Credits : Shitiz Ruhail

Some images shot by me, using the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.



  1. […] When Lee Jeans announced they were looking for individuals who were doing something substantial to refresh their cities, I instantly knew this was going to be an interesting project. Lee Jeans has been synonymous with reinventing everyday wear, after all. With Jade Fusion for Summer (helps keep cool) and Magma Fusion for Winter (stay warm) they brought something fresh into denim wear. There also was the 101+ Selvedge Denim limited drop I wore when I spent 24 hours in Hyderabad with That Delhi Girl. […]


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