Rebel Against The Masses – Why I quit my job and the wider propaganda

Levi's Trucker Jacket

FlyRack Tees

I am perhaps not writing this post in my senses. No, am certified sound by a medical practitioner. That isn’t the point. The influencer here, is those bunch of beers I have been consuming all morning. That is one of the perks of quitting your corporate job, drinking when the sun rises doesn’t seem like a bad thing.

The longest I have lasted in a relationship is 3 years. In fact, my average is about 5 months and I have dated a bit. And yet I stuck on to my job for 9 years. But not because I became complacent, no sir. I was working with an organisation that let me change projects every 18-24 months, therefore adding to my learning and keeping me on my toes. I survived the recession that hit us in 2009, I survived struggles of understanding new roles, new projects and executing them reasonably well. I mostly “met expectations”.

FlyRack Tees

FlyRack Tees

FlyRack Tees

FlyRack Tees

My job paid me well enough to support my passions of music (I was a DJ) and fashion (I blogged a bit back then and still do as is obvious). I worked 5 days a week to earn a living and 2 days a week to fuel my living. On one of the evenings I was getting a drink with friends, I was asked why was I giving up my career to focus on my blog. And that is when I realised, although I had a job I didn’t have a career there.

I decided to quit.

My decision was surprisingly met with great support from all quarters. My friends, my family and even my pet seemed to be excited. You know how everyone admires people who do what they love for a living? That happened. But what people seldom think of is, how does someone who has lived a structured life get out of it and manage to float? It is scary you know? No steady income, no PF, no insurance? I in fact, got rated as a “role model”, for the first time in 9 years and that made the decision to leave that much harder. Being told you are mediocre to good all your employment life and then you hit the top notch out of nowhere, right when you are about to quit!

Along the way I began working with a start up, Wooplr, a discovery based social networking fashion app. It meant a 6 day working week (7 day week at times), long hours, busy weekends. But I love my job, every single day that I am at it. Not that I have it easy, no job is ever easy, but the joy of pursuing something you love doing has its benefits. I get to speak to so many interesting people, it has helped me become a lot less awkward.

What made this decision difficult is that I am 33. Yup, I only look 40. I will admit, not a month goes by without me contemplating at least once the decision I took and if it was the right one. Now, will this decision let me live happily ever after for the next 7 years till I actually turn 40? I don’t know. What I do know, is that am strapped on for one hell of a ride. A ride that will be as tumultuous as exciting.

Go out there folks, take those chances, get out of the comfort zone you are in. Great things will follow. May not necessarily be great successful things but you get the drift. And before you put yourself out there, be self aware. Be aware of what you are really good at and what you kind of suck at. That will be a good starting point in your journey.

Go on, Rebel against the masses.

Shot by Ashwin Setin for Bowties and Bones

Outfit Details:
Trucker Jacket – Levi’s
Black Scale and Akomplice Tees – FlyRack

FlyRack is a new online street wear store for men. What I like about their merchandise is the fact that they bring you independent street wear labels from America, Europe and Australia. Which essentially means you can get your hands on some pretty amazing tees.

Levi's Trucker Jacket

FlyRack Tees

Levi's Trucker Jacket

Levi's Trucker Jacket


  1. Awesome stuff man:). I am always jealous of people who earn their living by doing what they love :P. I hope one day I get to be jealous of myself ;-). Good job Al! Keep it up.


  2. I liked your saying…
    before you put yourself out there, be self aware. Be aware of what you are really good at and what you kind of suck at. That will be a good starting point in your journey.

    “Regret of lost time and not doing what we want is worst then zero bank balance.”

    Best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve kind of been there, which is why reading this is refreshing, and feels like I’m reading something my brain came up with.
    P.S. the styling you’ve done looks brilliant in black and white!

    Liked by 1 person

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