BREAKING in these BAD boys – Nike Air Force 1 White on White

I am not in the blogging business. I am in the empire business.


That is a take on the Breaking Bad quote that Walt delivers to Jesse. I only watched one season of that brilliant series and then got busy on building my blog. Building it up into a brand. The aim is to make it big. Maybe I will, perhaps I won’t. But nothing’s going to stop me from trying.

Coming back to these fabulous kicks – the Nike Air Force 1s. I have always dreamed of owning a pair. My bud Ashwin Alex surprised me once with a pair in graphite in 2009! I loved them to bits so much that I never wore them, except once. I then gifted them to another close bud of mine, Cecil because I thought he did more justice to it then I ever could. I was a 5 days a week formals kinda man back then.

nikewhite (8 of 8)-1024x1804

nikewhite (1 of 8)-1024x1536

Fast forward to 2015, am in the fashion business. Working for Wooplr doesn’t come easy. I snagged the role because of my style and I have no intention of letting that fade any time soon.

Sheral, can’t thank her enough, got me these shoes for my birthday all the way from Germany. And she got my size so right. The AF1’s ride half a size larger than regular kicks. There isn’t much I can tell you about these kicks in appearance because they are all white. I need some protectant spray for shizzle to ensure I don’t get crap on it that won’t wash away.

nikewhite (3 of 8)-1024x1536

I did a quick unboxing video of these bad boys. Check it out, let me know what you think.

Now here is a bit of insight about these kicks – This was the first basketball shoe to use the Nike Air Technology and was initiated back in 1982. They are sold in 3 styles – low, mid, and high. I love the medallion that is placed at the base of the laces and says AF1 – 82, to signify its year of introduction. That is my year of birth! Ha!

The Air Force 1s have become a collectors prized possession. You know what they call us folks, sneaker heads. Rare editions can fetch you a lot more than retail prices amongst collectors.

These kicks are so iconic, they also have a couple of tracks dedicated to them. Most easy to recollect being Nelly’s true to name, Air Force 1s. But my favourite is this track with Rakim and Nas with KRS-One. It was nominated for the Grammy’s and this track brings back memories of gigs by Bob Omulo and Ishani Majumdar, who incidentally were my mentors and are India’s finest Hip Hop spinners ever!

Outfit Deets:

Raglan Sleeved Tee – Kultprit
Distressed Denims – Jack and Jones
Fitted Hat – New Era Ltd Edition Mohd. Ali
Watch – 1st Issue G Shock
Kicks – Nike Air Force 1 (Mid) White on White

Shot by Rajeev for Bowties and Bones

nikewhite (4 of 8)-1280x853

nikewhite (6 of 8)-1024x683



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