The rains in India – Like your girlfriend’s mood swings

Rains in India are as cranky and moody as they get. And this is as true across cities as it is across different days in the same city.

In Bombay I got used to the incessant downpour for days that would leave you immobile and stranded. It gave you hope of getting the day off from work, like when you were in school. But responsibilities of being an adult, blah blah. Then I get to Bangalore and the rains here are like what you get in London perhaps. It can rain on any given day, at any given point of time. But these rains are more like light showers. Which is what I love. Keeps the temperature at bay, helps you keep your cool.

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Al Claudius 1 copy

For my monsoon look, I teamed my shorts with a basic tee and threw on a rain proof jacket. I wore my Nike Air Max Sneaker Boots to keep my ankles warm and dry from the puddle busting I am tempted to indulge in. I switched my leather band automatic swiss watch for a basic retro G Shock to complete the look.

These fabulous images of me in the “rain” were captured by this lovely lady Jvack Toto. To say I had fun during the shoot would be a gross understatement.

We had conversations that varied from nonsensical to intelligent. But mostly, we spoke about food. We also stumbled upon this quaint little place that sold chicken kebabs by weight. Safe to say, a few grams (at the least) were consumed by us.


Al Claudius 2 copy

And this is exactly what I love about life these days. Ever since I started meeting and interacting with different people. It  opens up your mind to experiences and learnings, both good and bad.

Go out there, brave the rains, meet somebody new. It will enrich you.

Outfit Details
Jacket – Jack and Jones
Tee – Forever 21 Men
Shorts – Jack and Jones
Watch – G Shock
Sneaker Boots – Nike Air Max 90

Check out Jvack Toto‘s work here.

9X2A1911 copy




    • Well my friend, you are entitled to your opinion. Like everyone else. However, I guess you missed this point “But these rains are more like light showers”. Am not talking about Bombay flooding. Technically, hence proven, my story is valid.


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